Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!! 12/1/2014

Heya Family,

Hope yall had a happy thanksgiving. We had a good one down here. It
was turkey stuffed and potato full. I really enjoyed it.

We found out that Elder Spencer is going to be district leader in Page
and I am getting Elder Houston for my last transfer. Haha I can't
believe I am on my last transfer. It is pretty crazy. Sorry this email
will have to be shorter, the computers weren't working too well so I
got shorted some time but I will try to still fit a lot in.

So we had thanksgiving dinner at Bishop Wells home and also at the
Touchins home. We had district meeting in the morning and then had
those meals afterwards. At the Touchins home there was a special
experience. After dinner we taught the Restoration to a young man who
was there and then afterwards we had a testimony meeting with some
very powerful testimonies. I was very grateful that I could be there.
Haha I was thinking about Thanksgiving and all the soccer tourny's we
have been too and all the time we spent together. I am glad that
Charles won his age group at the tournament! That's awesome. We raked
a lot of leaves this week as well. We helped rake leaves for Bishop
and also the Greens. They are some of the ward missionaries and they
are one of the best families I have met. They currently have a son on
a mission. Anyway, after we raked leaves we went and ate at Subway and
then we went to go visit a family. The mom isn't a member and she
wasn't feeling very well so they asked her if she would like a
blessing and she said yes. It was a special experience. Later that day
we visited another part member family, and the husband asked his wife
if she would like a blessing because she was feeling ill and she said
yes! (He mentioned how surprised he was that she said yes) We were
able to give her a blessing and it was a special experience. That was
just a few of the miracles we saw this week. We have been sharing the
"He is the Gift" video that the church came out with. It is a
beautifully simple video. With a very simple but powerful message. If
you didn't watch it last week I invite you to watch it right now: or you can search for it on youtube under "He is
the Gift". The other one you need to watch is the "Because of Him"
video. Watch it here: We have been sharing the
Christmas video with everyone that we talk to. They gave us pass along
cards to share it so we have been using those while tracting. I am
excited to talk to yall on Christmas and to see yall next month.
Thanks for the prayers and the thoughts. My testimony of prayer has
been growing a lot. I am not quite sure what we are doing for P-Day
today. Last week we ended up putting 3 pianos together and playing
them at the church and it was a blast. I am excited to be able to play
the piano more days than just Mondays haha and to be able to look up
sheet music too. I am excited for this last transfer though. I am
going to try to finish up strong. It won't be the end but just
continuing the path of discipleship. I am excited to strive to live
the Gospel once I get home. I am grateful for the Atonement. I am
grateful I can be forgiven and be changed and become better. And that
is why Christ is the gift. We just need to remember that this holiday
season and always. And then when we start to forget and get distracted
we just need to stop and pray and remember Him. Christ's Atonement is
a divine gift and it's been done, now all that is left to do is to
decide whether or not we will use it. I have a testimony of this
Gospel and of Jesus Christ. He lives. I have felt the Spirit of the
Lord in the darkest times, and I have felt the warmth and
understanding that God's light brings. Joseph Smith is the Prophet of
the Restoration. We have a prophet on the Earth today, and what a
blessing that is. Thanks for everything. I love yall so much. I hope I
can be better and follow the examples yall have set for me. I hope I
can follow Christ. Have a fantastic week!!!

Love, Elder Scott Krstyen

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