Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Mark!!!! 12/8/2014

Heya Family,
Happy Birthday Mark!!!!!! I hope it is a great day for you!!!
So this week we were eating dinner at a members house and they mentioned how their son was serving their mission in Norway, anyway so I mentioned how Patrick is serving in Norway and they pulled out a bunch of pictures and emails and Patrick and their son totally served as companions in Norway!!! Haha I couldn't believe it. Such a small world. It was great to see pictures of Patrick. It momentarily made me trunky as could be haha, but I recovered. It was cool to see pictures of him and it seems like he was doing well. It's a small world after all.
Well it is Christmas time, crazy. Make sure to watch "It's A Wonderful Life" for me. I think that is one of my favorite movies ever made. When I was down at BYU I watched it several times.
So my new companeros name is Elder Houston and he is from Austin, Texas. He is awesome and I am enjoying being with him. We get along pretty well. He knows a ton about cars and so I figure him and dad would get along well haha.
We had pancakes at Bishops this Saturday morning. Usually we et their every Saturday and he makes this apple cinnamon syrup on sourdough pancakes that are amazing. We raked more leaves this week. We watched someones dogs. We helped set up Christmas decorations with the Greens! They are an awesome family.
We went tracting this week and had like 2 doors answer out of 20 or 30 one day haha. While we were tracting we got a call right as three dogs were chasing after us, luckily they ended up being kind dogs haha. But that was the best phone call ever. "Hey what are you Elders up to?" "Oh tracting and we are getting chased by three dogs, here hold on one second."
The Christmas Devo was awesome. I really like this Christmas time of year. I hope yall were able to watch the He is the Gift video. We have been showing it to everyone. We have a good amount of appointments for this next week and we have the ward Christmas party and then the mission Christmas party Thursday over in Farmington.
There isn't any snow out here and we saw at one house someone had collected a bunch of tumbleweeds and made a "rez snowman" haha it was awesome. They spray painted it white and gave him arms and a scarf and all the goods. I will try to get a picture of it before it "melts" and send it to yall.
I love yall. I am grateful for this Gospel and Jesus Christ!!! Thanks for everything. I love yall so much. Happy Birthday Mark! Talk to yall later!
Elder Scott Krstyen

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