Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween 11/3/2014

Hola Family,
I hope yall had a great Halloween! Haha I cant believe how old Aiden looks.... So much different from when I first left on my mission. It sounds like yall had a ton of fun. I enjoyed all the pictures you guys sent and thanks for the package as well!!! Haha it was awesome. I have some pictures I will need to send you guys some time.
Haha so when the package from sarah came the other elder checked the mail and then texted us and said, "Hey Elder Scottina there is a package for you." We had a good laugh.
So we also made a new dinner calendar for November and on the bottom we put the scripture reference Genesis 25:30, not the scripture written out just the scripture, as a joke. Haha and I guess one of the counselors in relief society stood up and read the scripture to the whole relief society. It says this, "30 And Esau said to Jacob, Feed me, I pray thee, with that same red pottage; for I am faint: therefore was his name called Edom." :) It was pretty funny.
Anyway, our week went pretty well. It finally started to get a little colder here and we had a little rainfall. The stake had a trunk or treat wed and it was awesome and a bunch of the families that we teach came out. We are loaded up on candy right now.
We helped one family move out of the ward and then the next day we helped another family move in to the same house that we just helped the other ones move out of. We Also fasted this week to try to get the work of salvation going in this area and it was a special experience. We helped fill up the font for a baptism and also went and prepared a meal for the senior center. We have a really good relationship with the bishop in this area and we go over to his house every Saturday morning and eat a bunch of pancakes! There is also a member that works at dominos and when an order cancels he comes and drops the pizzas off, it was the best dinner ever. Elder Spencer is awesome.
Last night there was a big power outage in more than half of Kirtland. And also on Saturday we forgot to fill up on gas before sunday haha so.... we didn't wanna risk running out of gas anywhere so we walked most of the way around. During the power outage we did some street contacting because we figured people couldn't say they are busy cuz there was no tv on haha.
Also if you guys find anymore piano sheet music to send me, that would be awesome. It doesn't matter if you fold it but that would be sweet to get some more of that sheet music.
Anyway, the gospel is true and I love you. I hope yall all have an excellent week and that yall are blessed in work and family. Keep on keepin on, never forget, and I will talk to you next week! Thanks for everything!!
Elder Scott Krstyen

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