Monday, October 27, 2014

Kirtland 10/27/2014

Heya Family,
Things down in Kirtland are going really well. Elder Spencer is an awesome missionary and I am enjoying the ward and the area. Our Bishop is Bishop Wells and we have a pretty good relationship with him and his wife. They feed us lunch twice this week and it seems like usually we have contact with them each week. We did some service this week and went and pulled weeds and we also helps lay down rail road ties for our ward mission leaders front yard. Our house is pretty nice. It is a trailer that some members own that they let us use. I am in the Kirtland 2nd ward and we live with the Kirtland 5th ward elders, which are the zone leaders elder carpenter and means. They are both pretty funny as well. A young man named Antione got baptized two days ago and confirmed yesterday and it was a special experience for him and his family. I was grateful I could take the sacrament yesterday to renew my covenants because I needed it. Elder Spencer is from up in North Ogden and he went to Weber High School. He has been out about 17 months or so. He is really good at piano and me and him get along pretty well. Elder Means is an amazing drawerer and a pretty intellectual person and Elder Carpenter is in pretty good shape. Haha we have been having drawing competitions and trying to learn how to draw from elder Means because he seriously is a great artist. We taught a bunch of people this week and I am just trying to get to know everyone. I met a lady that I had actually met over a year ago in Page! Crazy how small of a world it is. When I was in Page we went on a tour up Upper Antelope Canyon, and I finally realized that she was our tour guide on that trip. Anyway things are going great here. I hope all is going well for all of you! Stay strong! Have a great week!
Love, Elder Scooter Krstyen
ps. My new address is #6 rd 6559, Kirtland, NM 87417 

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