Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Birthday 10/13/2014

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!! I hope it is a great one for you this friday. I can't believe you are so old. It's crazy haha. Do something fun!

Well this week was quite crazy but good. Elder Greenhalgh got a new companion so now we are just back to covering 4th ward. Transfers are this next tuesday so saturday we will get transfer news. I will let you know how that goes. 

We have been trying to find a lot more in 4th ward. And luckily we have been finding a few new people. Tracting this week brought all different surprises haha from kind to angry, but that is a usual. 

We are aloud to listen to a lot of the radio programs they have on the mormon channel and so I have put a lot of those on my usb and listen to them in the morning during exercise and at lunch and dinners if we don't have scheduled ones and also in the truck. (We actually ended up getting a new car this week because our other one was having some issues and so we got a 2011 nissan frontier. My comps license also expired so I am driving again.) They have some very interesting programs on there though and I love learning about church history! I have listened to the Joseph Smith papers, another called legacy, past impressions, and just a whole cascade of other programs. I've learned a lot about the gospel from learning about the past.  

Know that I love yall and yall are in my prayers, wherever you are at. It seems like I have learned so much on my mission but the more you learn the more you realize that you don't know a thing. I have been learning somewhat about priorities in my life. At times before my mission I wasn't there when yall needed me there or I wasn't prepared to be there. I hope now that I can be always there for yall, through the highs and the lows. You all have been there for me and I express my gratitude for everything. And thank you for still being there for me. I won't come home perfect; I will definitely still have all my personal trials that I am working through. I know that yall have them too. That is why we have families. If we can yoke our family with Christ, and take His and each others burdens, we will make it through all the hard times, especially because of Him. And now is the time to do it. We need the Lord now. I know countless things I can work on. I need to pray more earnestly, study more deeply, and live more righteously. To be more sincere and then our attitudes will reflect the desires of our heart. I haven't always been equally yoked in this family, but now I tell you that I will try this week. I will try to put the Lord first so I can give the best of me to yall. So when you're tired and weak, and the decision is to give up, don't give up. Never do. There is help and happiness ahead, a lot of it. Some blessings come now, some come late, and frankly, some wont come until heaven. But to those that serve the Lord, they will come (that was a paraphrase of a quote by elder holland). Keep going, remember the Lord in all you do, and I will try to remember too. And we will all make it through all our trials together with the Lord as our beacon and truth and guide.  

Happy Birthday again Sarah!!!! I hope it is a great one for you! 

I love yall! Have a fantastic week! 

Elder Scott Krstyen

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