Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference! 10/6/2014

Well, general conference was pretty much just amazing. We watched all ten hours of it. It seemed like this conference compared to some of the other ones went by a lot quicker. I thought it was awesome how they had the talks in other languages. I bet Jeffe heard the one that was in cantonese cuz that is the language he is speaking. Some of the main themes that stuck out to me were sacrament, prophets, revelation, and a few others. When I get back home I want to try to do family home evening, family scripture study, and family prayer. I know we all have busy lives but you just have to make time for things like that. I can't remember in conference who said it, but they said dont believe satans lie that you are too busy to do these things. It is true. This things are too important to miss out on. 

This conference a lot of the talks stuck out to me and especially certain things the speakers said. All the general authorities that came to our mission this year had a part in conference. Elder Carlson said a prayer. Elder Holland, Elder Robbins, and Elder Kacher all gave talks and all of them were very good. Elder Kacher told us more of the conversion story than what he told in conference. He said that he had a good friend that they both promised each other if they ever started meeting with mormon missionaries that the other person would go get them and take them away. Haha he said he and his friend both started meeting with missionaries at the same time and both joined. Now he is a seventy!! Just shows you what the Lord can do. It seemed like a huge topic that stuck out to me too was personal accountabiliy. It really stuck out to me. I enjoyed Christoffersons talk about the man that wouldn't even husk the corn for himself haha. It is true. You have to learn to work hard. And we all will stand before God one day accountable. I also enjoyed Elder Ucthdofs talks. both of them. I learned a lot from what the apostles said, "Lord, is it I?" How humble is that response. I would have probably started pointing fingers saying it must be that person, but these apostles responded "Lord, is it I?" 

Man family, there was so much that stuck out to me and it is hard to write about it. It would be a lot easier if I could just tell you guys in person. I think we often look forward to conference looking for something new and exciting and then after conference is down we forget about it. But the truths they taught this conference are the same they have taught from the beginning of this dispensation. Sometimes I have looked for a magic answer. A magic answer to happiness or something maybe a feeling or moment that changes my life forever, but I miss the answer that is there all along, which are the simple truths of the gospel. Jesus Christ, and coming to Him by faith, repent, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, temple covenants, being sealed as a family, and enduring to the end. Christ is the answer and that is the path He has set before us to help us be happy. I believe in Christ. His Atonement is everything. It makes all the difference. He knows us personally. Even the very hairs of our head are numbered. He knows everything we have ever been through. he suffered for our sins and endured our pains so that we can change. Pray and ask God if it is true. If you ask in faith, you will know from Him the truth and the "truth will set you free." 

Thanks for writing me this week! It means a lot to me. I hope you all are doing great! And I love you all a ton. You are all in my prayers. I am not perfect but I am working on being better, and trying to be the family member you all need me to be and the person God needs me to be. The Gospel is true. Have a fantastic week!!!!

Elder Krstyen

ps. What were your favorite talks? Mine were probably Uchdorfs and Kachers

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