Monday, October 20, 2014


Hey family,

So this week had its ups and downs but it ended up being good. We got transfers news and found out that I am going to Kirtland 2nd ward with Elder Spencer. I am excited for it, but sad to leave the area as well! Crazy stuff. Anyway, my address will be changing so I will let you know what it is. Some of the famlies said we could come stay down here at their homes if we wanted to. I don't know whether you guys would want to do that or not. I am totally alright with it if you guys wanted to come pick me up!! Haha but I am guessing it will be hard to get work off that week of January, so I could fly home and then we could come down later as well. I don't really care either way. Haha both sound good to me :). Let me know what you think. 

Enjoy those pictures!!! Haha I will send some more next week! I love you guys a ton! Thanks for the emails. Hopefully this will be a good week for yalll! 

Love, Elder Krstyen

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