Monday, September 29, 2014


Heya family,

So zone conference is this wednesday. I think I heard that it will go from 9 till 4 so it'll be pretty good. I am excited to watch that new movie. And then of course this saturday is general conference. I really need it! Hopefully it will be a nice recharge for me. 

It looks like they finally got the family history partners thing set up. So I think if you have your lds account you can sign up for free through family search on ancestry, findmypast, and my heritage, (all of which are pretty big family history websites) and it is completely free. It talks about it on so you can find more about it on there. 

Yesterday it rained a ton. More that it ever has since I have been here. I guess that mission office flooded as well so it is closed today, so i'll probably get your letter later this week. I am excited for the change in weather, I really like this time of year. 

This email is probably gonna be really scattered so bear with me haha. A song you guys should look up that I heard this week and really liked is a song by david osmond. If you look up his name and "with every step he takes theres another to follow" the song should come up. I bet Sarah, Jenn, and Mark will really like it. 

This week we went to three different fast and testimony sacrament meetings. They were all pretty good. A lady that we are teaching, her boyfriend, and her daughter all came to church and it was pretty awesome. At the end of the meeting, there had been a young man probably 14 yrs old sitting in front of us and he turned around and gave a true to the faith book and a for the strength of youth book to the family on his own. 

It is amazing how much can happen in a week. All the ups and downs, I don't think since the start of my mission I could ever describe one of my weeks in one word. All I know is that I still have a lot to work on out here. There is still a lot more I need to do for the Lord. I still have a lot I need to improve on. I still have a lot of changing to do. There's still a lot of things that I struggle with. But I am grateful for Christ, so that I can be better and do better and be forgiven and most importantly, so I can change. I think I am really gonna focus on studying the atonement these next few months. I don't think anyone could ever study that topic enough. I think it is about learning to remember Him always, to learn to never forget Him. When we forget we drift off the path, but if we keep in in our hearts to remember Him then He will change us. Then, we will know Him. 

The Gospel's true. This is the Lord's work and it's gonna roll forward. Read the Book of Mormon, pray about it, and ask God if it is true. 

I am looking forward to this next week. I hope it is a great week for all of yall. I hope conference is a special experience for you all and that you feel the Spirit. 

Love, Elder Scott Krstyen

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