Monday, August 4, 2014

August is here! 8/4/2014

Hiya Family,

This week ended up being a really good week actually. We found three new people to teach so we are pretty excited about that. This morning I benched 185!! That was the first time in my life that I was ever able to bench my weight. Needless to say, I am pretty excited about it. District meeting went well I think. I talked about diligence and the Atonement. An 8 yr old in our ward got baptized and it was an awesome experience. It made me think of my own baptism. Haha I remember when at my baptism when someone was giving one of the talks that I started crying. People must have thought, "man this kid is feeling the spirit!!!" Little did they know I was crying because my friends didn't come haha. It just made me laugh. I didn't understand why my baptism was so important then but now I am starting to understand it a lot better. We took E. Short to the mission home! I couldn't believe he was actually going home. Monday night we had 3 other elders staying with us and Elder Short and I were just up talking about all the good times. He tracting on his last day and handed out a Book of Mormon. I want to tract on my last day, just so that I can say that I did. We gave a blessing at the hospital, helped someone move into 6th ward. The valdez haven't been doing to well health-wise. Sis valdez has surgery this thursday so we are praying all goes well. Temple trip is coming up and I am excited!!! It will be legit. I need to find someone who will let me borrow their temple packet so I can go. Towards the start of my mission a good friend, Amy Burgrauff sent me a talk by Elder Holland entitled, " Cast away therefore not thy confidence." It is an awesome talk. I suggest you look it up. It was a devotional given at BYU. Basically he talks a lot about the great opposition that comes either before or after great spiritual moments. This talk has many enlightening principles in it. He talks about the first vision. About how before Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith, the adversary tried to stop it. Great darkness and opposition before one of the great revelations of this time. It was fighting through the darkness and the despair that helped bring forth the restoration of the gospel. In our lives, it will be the same. At times in our life darkness will be present, trials will surround us, and we will feel as if we are left to ourselves, hopelessly, utterly alone. Abandoned. But if we have faith, God will see us through all the hard times in our lives. We are never alone. We are never abandoned. We are never lost. He is always there, though many times we never realize it. And if we can just hold on then the light will break forth with hope, and we will soon find that God was always there, right by our side. At times on my mission I have felt alone. I think almost every missionary feels that way sometime on their mission. The opposition will always come. No good deed goes undone right? Satan will try his hardest to fight against those that are trying to do their best. But nobody is ever left alone. GHod loves you! SO do I! I hope you have a great week!

Elder Scott Krstyen

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