Monday, August 11, 2014



This week was pretty slow, but it ended up being a good week. I went on 2 exchanges this week to 2nd ward and also to spanish east. They both were a lot of fun. We gave a Book of Mormon to a drunk guy and also taught a drunk lady about the gospel of Jesus Christ haha. I cut my hair again. I definitely have improved at cutting my hair from the first time I did. Had interviews with President and those went really well. Elder Yazzie and I both gave talks yesterday. On the spanish exchange I had no idea what was going on half the time haha. I kept on telling Elder Sanchez, the elder I was with, that everytime they talked in Spanish all the sudden it turned into English in my mind and that I had the gift of tongues... or I guess technically dicerning of tongues. Spanish does a sports night and so we played soccer with a bunch of people on a big field. I can barely run the length of the field anymore without getting tired haha. I was sore for like two days after that. We taught another lady that had problems with revelations 22 and not "adding to or taking away from the bible" so we had to explain that to her and also explained about Duet 4:2. And then of course the most important part is to pray about it. We are going up to the monticello temple on monday to do a session, which I am excited about. I still need to ask around and borrow a temple packet from a member here. But the work is going forward here. Still learning a lot. There is definitely a lot to learn. Haha we listened to the prince of egypt sound track this morning and worked out w/ elder ellis and schellenburg, both really awesome elders. (We do our laundry over at their place too) This transfer is only a 5 week transfer so transfer is on sept 2 i think and then the next transfer is a 7 week transfer. Then next month farmington stake is having 2 stake conferences and the first one a general authority is coming down! I am looking forward to it. Thanks so much for the poster!! It was sweet!! Today I think we are planning on going shopping at walmart, maybe the mall, and also go to one of the thrift shops here in town. Brother Short and his family came to visit us this week! It was awesome to see him. I guess his brother got his call last wed so he should be leaving shortly. That is sweet that John Call is going on a mission!!!!!! I bet that was a good farewell. Well sorry that this is the craziest email ever but I hope you guys all have a fantastic week!!!!!!! Love you!!

Elder Krstyen

ps. hope you enjoy the pictures

Nothing better than this: Patriotic, Me trying to flex, Double Chin :) .... or maybe triple :/ , and a 'Pickle'lo shirt from Dragon Ball Z. :D

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