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I am glad to hear you guys are doing well this week!

This week was super hot haha. But all in all it was a good week. We ended up watching the fireworks from our apartment and they were pretty good, though I don't think they matched up with sugarhouse parks fireworks. We also ended up going to two bbq's that night. It was a ton of fun being with some of the families from the ward.
This week we did a lot of cleaning in our apartment. It was well due. It is nice to have a clean apartment again. :)

Church was pretty good yesterday. A lot of people were able to get out to church. We had a lot of visitors from out of state. And some of them got up and bore their testimonies. One the couples that bore their testimony was a senior couple that was serving in a mission in texas or something. They were driving down there to report to their mission and the sister ended up falling and breaking her humorous... she said it wasn't very funny haha... and appartently it was pretty bad, shattered basically. They had to go back to utah even though they didn't want to and try to get it fixed. The doctors took scans and weren't really sutre what to do. The head doc dfecided they would take another test about 3 weeks later. She said they did a lot of praying. A lot of praying, and when they did the next test, the doc said, this is weird but basically the cartalege is starting to fix the broken pieces in place. End of story they were back on their way down to texas to serve. Crazy.

Another older lady that was from florida or something, got up and was just laying it down on the gospel. Bearing her testimony and everything. She even brought up her kindle and was talking about all the amazing things it could do which the scriptures and how you can take notes and stuff. She also brought up the plug and said how if you didn't charge it up it was useless and then related that to the gospel. By the end she had the kindle and plug high in the air, and left with a solemn testimony. I couldn't help but smile and her testimony was very strong. 

Another visitor got up and shared this experience at his job. He had started talking about religion with one of his co workers and specifically about truth. He talked about how truth isn't relative. He related it to a marker. How if a marker is 4 inches long than that is the truth. It really is 4 inches long. People might say it is only 3 inches or that it is 5 inches, but that doesn't change the truth that it is only 4 inches. Even if everyone thought it was 5 inches long, it doesn't matter. It is still only 4 inches long. That is the truth. It is the same with God. God's laws aren't relative. Truths are truths. Because the world thinks something is ok or that something should be a certain way, it doesn't change God's law. His standard of truth. Truth is eternal. Christ established his church on the earth. And that same church has been restored in its fulness. Not "5 inches" or "3 inches". Not just a part of the truth, but the exact "4 inches" in its fulness. It was a pretty cool testimony. 

We were also asked to talk about missionary work in primary. We asked some questions and had a little discussion and then we sang some missionary related songs and played a hot or cold type game with one of our nametags. One of the kids would hide it and one would step outside, and then the person trying to find the nametag would come in and if they got closer to it we would sing louder and opposite if they were farther away. It went well. 

As a district we have started to do a blitz type of thing were once a week for an hour or so we go to one of the areas and Book of Mormon tract. We handed out one and then as we tried some more no one was really interested. We were walking on the sidewalk and a lady pulled up and gave us a little comic booklet thingy. Haha I could tell it was gonna be something bashing on us. We said thanks, she went on her way. I had a few guesses in mind about what it was about and I guessed right. It was basically about a guy that was a really good guy did everything he was supposed to and obviously he would be the first one in line to get to heaven, because he was so righteous. They it kinda goes through some of the commandments about how he has lied, taken the lords name in vain, stolen a candy bar when he was younger, lust (commited adultery in his heart), and finally the guy is like, well I am better than a lot of people!!! And then it is like well it doesn't matter you are a sinner liar theif.... etc. And so finally the guy, all irratated is like, well then who then can make it to heaven????? And then it talks about Christ, how He died for us and made a sacrifice for our sins. So it was basically bashing against us saying "you can't work your way into heaven." And quite honestly that is exactly true. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. It is only through Christ's atoning sacrifice for us that we can return to God after this life. That is the only way we can be forgiven, because all of us are sinners. That is exactly what the Book of Mormon/Bible teach. Even if we did all the good we could do we would still be "unprofitable servants" like it says in Mosiah. And it isn't just a little unprofit. It is huge. Christ's payment for us wasn't a few coins, it was all of it. Without him there would be no way. I have gotten that a lot on my mission, that we are trying to work our way into heaven. Works will never save anyone. And anyone who thinks that is deceived. It is frustrating when we hear stuff like that. People don't understand one bit. If they would just read a little in the Book of Mormon they would soon find that all it teaches about is Christ. How there is no other way to return back to God and be with Him except through Jesus Christ. But Christ is going to forgive us only on the conditions He has set, faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. It is in the scriptures. It is in the new testament. Believing in God will do no good for us if we don't act on it. True belief/faith leads us to act. "Faith without works is dead." It is as simple as that. Yes, the works you don't won't ever save you, only Christ can, but true faith in God leads to righteous actions. Just like Christ says, not everyone that says Lord Lord will enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my father in heaven. Haha sorry I am going off on this. People just don't understand. I am not out trying the share the Gospel to work my way into Heaven. I just never thought it was a bad thing to try to live what you believe and act on it. I am not perfect. I am a sinner, but I am trying to work through it all. I have a lot of shortcomings and struggles, but I hope that through Christ I can overcome a lot of those and be forgiven. 

Anyway, here is a though my Bishop from Byu sent me. I liked it. He got it from an email from the of the sisters I knew from down there. 

"The following allegory is a wonderful lesson shared by Sister Nicole Callister about discouragement and how you can change your attitude about it:
“One day, Sister Trickler and I had a lot of appointments fall through, so we were out tracting. It was hot and humid and nobody was answering their door. The one person that did was adamantly opposed to our message. I was tired and so was Sis. Trickler, but then she began to tell me a story that changed my view of those rough days.
“She told me, once there was a man who lived near a big rock. One day, at the beginning of the summer, God told him to push the rock, so the man pushed the rock. All summer, day after day he pushed, but the rock never budged. The man became frustrated and discouraged as the season wore on. At the end of summer, the man cried out to God, ‘Why did you tell me to push this rock? I’m unable to move it.’
“God replied, ‘I never told you to move the rock. I told you to push the rock.’ Seeing that the man was confused, He continued, ‘Look at yourself. Although the rock never moved, your skin is tough and tan from the summer sun, and your muscles gained strength from trying so hard every day.’
“Sometimes, God tells us to push a rock. We push and we shove and we cry out to him, ‘I’m not strong enough.’ What we often don’t realize is that our trial is the very thing that strengthens us and prepares us for other things. Heavenly Father knows that we will never be strong enough to move the boulder on our own, but that’s not the point.… But as we push, we gain strength, and that strength enables us to tackle other obstacles we may face. So as I’m out working in the summer heat, I remind myself that God is making me stronger with every door I knock on.”
I will forward that whole email to you guys!! I Love you guys. Thanks for all that you do for me. Sorry that I kinda went off at the end of the email haha, it just kinda bugs me. Anyway I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Krstyen

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