Monday, July 14, 2014


Heya Family,

It has been a pretty good week. Tiring but good. It sounds like it is pretty hot up there just like it is down here. Anyway, we weren't able to check mail this last week because the mission office was closed for zone conferences, so I am gonna check it today and I will get your not and figure it all out. :)

Here is a bunch of random things that happened this week in no particular order...........

Drum roll please......... 

We did some tracting again this week and our district did a blitz in our area. We found some people that were willing to let us come back so we will see how those go. One of the people that answered were spanish. And he was like no hablo ingles.... And then he asked me if I spoke spanish and I told him pequeno, which I think means small haha. Anyway I said Tenemos missionaries de espanol. And then I totally forgot how to say the next little part so I kinda sat there for a moment and then remebered (the guy was probably laughing) (I was kinda laughing too) (and I am sure Elder Yazzie was probably cracking up haha) and then I said Pueden venir aqui? Which I think means, can they come here? He said he was catholic and that was about the end of the door approach. So hooray for three years of spanish in High School. It all paid off. :) Kinda..

We taught another family who there son had been up to salt lake to visit and saw temple square and stuff and so he was pretty interested in learning. I think there family is baptist. They are really good people. 

It is good to hear Ivan came by! I am glad he is doing well. We also went to mission prep Sundaymorning and that was a really cool experience. I had the best mission prep teachers back home and all our buddies would go to mission prep together. I had some spiritual experiences there. 

I also went on exchanges this week over to third ward. I was with an awesome Elder. His name is Elder Brown, he grew up in Hawaii. We were on bikes. Luckily I still remembered how to ride a bike so it was good. My legs were pretty tired cuz we had to bike up Dustin hill which is infamous for being hard. Mark did you have any biking areas on your mission or cars? Or were you just on foot? Anyway, we went tracting in a nicer area and we had some interesting responses. Many people said stuff like we don't believe in the same Jesus or we don't believe in the same God. We got a lot of we only believe in the Bible. One lady told us stuff like that then said I have been saved and you should change and you need to be saved to and slammed the door. Another man answered that said he had been a pastor for 30+ yrs and that he only believe in the KJV of the bible and not the stuff we believe. He brought up baptisms for the dead which is in the bible, but he really didn't want to talk to us. I bet it would be rough to tract in the Bible Belt. 

We have zone conference tomorrow over in Bloomfield. We really started to emphasize the priesthood in teaching the first lesson and how this is the saviors church again, restored back to the fulness. We talked a lot about the Restoration of the Saviors church and the Priesthood. About how this really is the saviors church. That the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's kingdom again on the Earth. I really do believe that. I wouldn't be here if I didn't. 

We taught a less active woman and the lessons were just awesome. She joined the church awhile ago but hasn't been active for a long time. When we talked about praying about what we taught and her asking God if it was true and then talked about how the Spirit can testify to us of truth and the peace it brings, this was her remark, "That peace is the reason why I joined this Church." I told her that peace the Spirit, and then she talked about the peace the gospel brought into her life when she was first learned about the Gospel.

This is the Saviors Church. Jesus Christ is our great eternal head. He leads this church through men called of God to serve Him. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. The Priesthood is here with all the keys of this dispensation. The Book of Mormon is the word of God just like that Bible is. They both teach and testify of Christ and exhort us to follow Him. Anybody can know this. The rich, poor, learned, unlearned, blind, weak, maimed. All they have to do is ask. God will show us the way. I am grateful to be here. I am grateful for your support. This has been the hardest time of my life. I have never struggled so hard. But I have never been so close to God. Don't get me wrong, I still have a ways to go, but I have come a lot closer to Him because of being out here. I still have all my mountains to climb, but I feel faith and patience right now as I am trying to take those steps to the top, little by little. One day at a time. Some times it is an hour at a time or even just a few minutes. But no matter what happens He is always still there. I can't comprehend the Atonement. You think you understand the Atonement, until it actually applies to you. Then I've realized I can't believe Christ would love me enough to take all the shameful things I have done and suffer for me. I pray that I can use that great gift and be forgiven and truly become the man Christ wants me to be. I want to have an eternal family. I want to be a good husband and father. I want to change to be more like Him. I want to be more worthy of the Priesthood I bear, the Priesthood of God. I believe in Christ. I really do. I believe He came to the people here in America. Because of Christ there is always hope and happiness ahead. Lucifer whispers, "You can't change." Christ boldly declares, "You can always change." The invitation to follow Christ is really one to change. One to turn away from sins and to turn to God. It is to embrace his loving arms. It is to trust Him, repent, be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood Authority of God, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and then to endure to the end. Heavenly Father sent us here to return back home. He sent us here to learn and to grow. To exercise our agency and choose to follow Christ. All of us chose this plan, all of us chose to come here. We all have a divine heritage and nature, that no amount of lies or sins or deceit can ever change. No matter what happens, He will always be our Father and we will always be His sons and daughters. God loves us perfectly. He doesn't change. 

I love you guys a ton. I pray for you and I think about you guys. I want the best for you. I hope I can be the type of person that always can be there for you guys, cuz I definitely haven't always been. I hope you all have a great week!!! 

Elder Scott Krstyen  

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