Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Fathers Day 6/16/2014

Hello Family,

Before my email I "mustache" you a question......


 On second thought I think I will "shave" it for later... :)

They changed the grooming standards for the mission so I grew a mustache. I think it came in pretty nice. ;)

Well Happy Late Fathers day dad! I hope it was a good one for you. 

Happy bday to Aiden as well! I can't believe he is already 2 yrs old! 

Thanks for the updates on the wcup and bball. I hope you all are doing well! 

One of the senior couples in the mission told me that he read my blog haha, so I guess people really do read it. 

This week was pretty good. So on transfers, Elder Short is going to be a zone leader in Page and Elder Yazzie and I are staying here in 4th ward. They aren't splitting the ward or anything so we will have a lot of area to cover this transfer. I am sad to see Elder Short go though! He only has 6 weeks left, it is pretty crazy. My trainer Elder Soper only has six weeks left as well. 

We had the mission tour this last thursday where Elder Carlson of the seventy came. It was awesome! It went from 9 to 5 and there was a lot of good teachings all throughout. A lot of things were said that applied specifically to me, so I am hoping to apply some of the things that I learned. Some of the main topics were obedience and consecration. Elder Carlson shared a story that I really like. He talked about how when he was younger, him and his younger brother would have a lot of work they would have to do around the house. They would get a lot of it done and then their dad would ask them to come help him with more of the work that needed to be done around their home. Usually their respondings would be murmurings, and how they had already done so much and how they didn't want to do anymore. Their father would say in a very kind way, Alright, if you don't want to then it's fine you don't have to. Then they would get all guilty, and unwillingly say, fine we will come help you. Their father would say, Really, I don't want to you to come help unless you want to. Stay here, it is fine I can do it. They would kinda go back and forth like that until the dad would say, " I don't want you to come help with the garden unless you want to come help with the garden. I don't want you to just do the work but I want you to want to do it." Elder Carlson talked about how that changed just doing chores into an activity that really changed them. It is the same with a mission. I can be out here and not want to do any of the work, but still do all of it. But it won't change me one bit. I will be the same person that I left home as. Although I might have worked hard, I didn't change a bit. That is why consecration is so important. If I do the work and have the desire or want to do the work, then it will change me. If I can give everything to God, then God can make me a much better person then I ever could by myself. And I really think if I love all of you enough and my future wife and kids, then I will put God first in my life so I can be the person God wants me to be and the person my family needs me to be. My sins are great, but I am grateful for repentance and the atoning sacrifice of Christ. Without God there wouldn't really be any hope, but with Him there is all hope for the future, for everyone. Needlessto say the mission tour was awesome. 

Thanks for all the updates on your lives! It is great to hear from all of you. I hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Love, Elder Scott Krstyen

ps. Do you like our mustaches?

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