Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy 4th!! 6/30/2014

Heya Family,

Sounds like you all are doing well! Thanks for all the updates! Thanks for the updates on the world cup, hopefully the us can beat belgium. That cruise up to Alaska will be sweet. Take lots of pictures, and I am glad Aiden is doing well. All you guys are in my prayers. :)

So this last week we ate dinner with the Eagers and they told us about a museum down in our area. I had no idea it was there, but it is free and all you have to do is set up an appointment so we went this morning. It was pretty sweet. 

It is the Bolacks musuem. He has a ranch down in our area and I guess he came to farmington a long time ago and struck oil and then spent most of his life hunting so he has an incredible display of animals here. Pretty awesome stuff. Oh yeah, the one right behind me is real....

Yep, didn't end to well....... Anyway

They even had a little two headed sea turtle...

But anyway, it was an awesome museum. We will all definitely need to go there some day.

This week was good. It was definitely a week of cancelations though. Haha I think we had 9 appointments cancel. 

4th of July here should be pretty good. I guess the city does their fireworks on the 3rd at night and the at the Bolacks ranch they do a huge firework show on the 4th. All the people we have talked to say that bolacks firework show in better than the cities. It is supposed to be right on the mesa south of farmington, so we will probably have a really good view of it. Elder yazzie bought some of the mormon messages so we have been watching some of those. They are sweet! here is one you should watch. 

We ate dinner with a pretty awesome family this week named the Palfreymans. We went to a spanish baptism where it was all in spanish. Pretty cool experience. We tracted plenty, and tracted into a lot of spanish speakers. My spanish is quite rusty and I don't even know how to speak spanish so it was pretty funny trying to talk to them. Some of them definitely speak english but just didn't wanna talk to us but some only spoke spanish for sure. 

We did some service this week and probably one of the best lessons we had was one where we shared the gospel of jesus christ. The 3rd lesson we teach. The spirit was there. You could feel it.

Anyways, I love all you guys and hope you are doing well! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Scott Krstyen

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