Monday, June 9, 2014


Heya family,

Hope you are all doing really well. 

Happy Fathers day this next sunday dad! I hope it is a good one!

This week ended up being a pretty good week. Since we cover twice the area we used to there is a lot of people to go see. 

Elder Yazzie is up from Idaho. He has been out about 14 months or so. We all do pretty well together. He has a lot of family on the reservation. 

We met with an older couple named the Henriches who are just awesome. They mention often about how much the Lord has blessed them. They talk about the ups and the downs of life but how we all have something to learn from them. 

We had dinner with a family here that owns an orchard in the farmington area. They are awesome. We had some green chile enchiladas, which were delicious and on our way out they gave us some homemade apple cider. We are excited to try it out :).

Unfortunately Jewel and Matthew weren't able to make it out to church, but they still seem to be doing well, so we are excited to see them again this next week. 

Reading through the standard works is going pretty well. I have been able to keep up so I am pretty happy about that. Right now I am in Joshua 5 I think. There is some pretty sweet stuff in the old testament, but definitely some pretty crazy stuff too. Haha some of the chapters about the law of moses were killer! 

Oh by the way, transfers are this Saturday, so I will let you know what happens.

Working out is up and downs sometimes but I am working on being more consistent at it. 

Family history has been sweet! I found the krstyen/prostrandy pdf dad. I updated familysearch. Anyway how is it going for you guys?? Let me know what you find. Just reading some of the stories of our ancestors really uplifts me. It is crazy some of the trials they went through, but they never gave up. 

This week Elder Carlsen from the Seventy is visiting our mission for a mission tour. It is supposed to go from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening haha. It will be one long sweet mission tour. 

By the way, on the thought of college I am still thinking about where I want to go to school, either at the u or y.I kinda want to live at home and go to the u but I haven't decided yet. Elder short said that pres batt could allow it for a few weeks, like if I need to come home two weeks sooner for school, and I asked pres batt about it and he kinda said that going home a little sooner was more for the benefit of the mission/ not for the missionary so he said it depends. Kinda confusing but I talked to sister batt about it and she said to find out when the deadlines for applying were and then I can talk to them about it more. I am sure the deadlines are coming up in a few months or so. When does winter semester start for the u and for the y? I just need to know a few more of the details and I can talk some more about it. Hah it is hard cause I can't look it up on the computer since we are only supposed to be on the church sites. So if you could let me know about that, it would be great.

Anyway, I have been working on strengthening my faith and having better prayers and studies. And a big chunk of that includes becoming better at revelation and feeling the spirit. I have found out that my faith wasn't quite as strong as I believed it was when I came out here, but I have learned a lot from all that has happened. I think I have learned and am learning more of who I want to be, what I want to do with my life, and the kind of father/husband I want to be. I still have a ton to learn. But I'm trying. I have made a lot of mistakes and I have seen a lot of mistakes that people make everyday, but with Christ there is always hope for a brighter future. I believe that. I believe what Christ taught. I believe it is true. And I love you guys all a ton. You mean a ton to me. I am grateful for all the support and help you have given me. It's made a great difference in my life. Just know that I think about you and pray for you. I hope you guys have a great week!!!

Elder Scott Krstyen

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