Monday, May 12, 2014


Heya Family,

It was awesome to talk to all you guys yesterday! It is good to see that you are all doing well. I hope you had a good rest of the day and that this week is really good for you! 

We basically just ended up eating at the Browns last night and then we made our way back in for numbers. Today has been a good day so far, haha not too much has happened yet besides working out and studying. 

This was definitely our best week so far, so we are hoping that we can do even better, the coming week. 

I hope you guys know how much I love ya guys and thanks so much for everything that you do for me! I am doing well, thanks for asking though. Have a fantastic week!! :)

Elder Scott Krstyen

ps sorry for the short email, next week will have some good stuff in it :)

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