Monday, March 3, 2014


Heya Wonderful Family!

Happy Birthday Jenn!!! Hope you have a good birthday!

I had a great week. Things are going well here in 4th Ward. I am liking the area and the ward and the other elders I am serving around. 

I got p90x on monday and did the first one monday night and did it all last week with Elder Short. Haha we are on day 8 I think so we are both stoked about that. We are both trying to eat a little better so we will see how that goes. I feel a lot better now that I am working out. Everything seems easier. 

This week I went on exchanges with the zone leaders to Farm 2nd Ward and also on another exchange to Farm 3rd Ward. They both went well, I like all the missionaries in out zone.

I have said I would send pictures a bunch of times and I always forget the camara haha fail. I am sorry, maybe next week there will be some pictures. :) I am glad to hear you joined that group on facebook and that Jess Klain sent you all those pictures! Tell her I say hi and also tell her that I say hi to "shima". They are an awesome family and talked to them a lot in Page. 

Sounds like it was good having the missionaries over. I am sure they greatly appreciated it. I think I told this to you guys before but we cover the more southside/west part of the ward and Elder Nakai and Anderson cover the more northeast side of the ward. We had a dinner apartment yesterday with a family and they had all four of us over.. (Yes four super hungry elders) and for the dinner message they gave us each a random object and we had to relate to the gospel (I was kinda nervous cuz I am terrible at these types of games) but I ended up with ziplock bags and the first thing I thought of was left overs (because of course I love food) and I Kinda related it to 2nd Nephi 32:3 and how food goes bad eventually, but how the "words of christ" never go bad. So even though it is wonderful to "feast" upon delicious food, we need to "feast upon the words of Christ" because they never change. Haha I think it worked out alright. 

Well Happy Birthday Jenn! I love you guys all a ton and hope life is treating you really well. Best of luck with all the work, tests, and everything else this week. I hope it is a good one for you!

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