Monday, March 31, 2014


Hey Family,

I am doing well, I have to be quick today so I will just mention a few things and try to send you guys a letter this week. 

This email will probably be a bunch of random thoughts from this week. First in sunday school this week the teacher was teaching about Joseph in Egypt. Towards the end the speakers in the room we were in started sending in the audio from the other wards sacrament meeting. Haha the teacher looked up and all he said was "Heavenly Father?" It gave me a good laugh. We have a car. We have a new 14 toyota coralla but we also try to walk a lot. This we in the same day we were walking and one car yelled at us "You are of the devil" and another said "The devil loves you!" Haha we just gave them a nice wave. We had the opportunity to take out a brand new missionary for his first time tracking, he did a good job being brand new and all. A member took us out to dinner at pizza hut and we sw the commercial for the new captain america and the new tmnt! It looked awesome! Haha we also caught a glimpse of some awards show and selena gomez was on it! I think i fell in love. Needless to say pizza hut has great pizza. We were ble to set some new baptismal dats with some people this week. We have been working alot with the memebers to better get the work going in our area.

Well I love you guys! I hope you are doing well! Thanks for all you do for me! I hope you guys have a great week! I will be sure to write a letter!

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