Monday, March 24, 2014


Heya Family,

This week was definitely a slower week for missionary work but it still went well. We had transfers and Elder Short and I are staying together and Elder Nakai and Elder Anderson are staying as well so I am way excited about that. I think this has been one of the best districts on my mission. 

Anyway, this week we were walking to go contact some people and on one side of the street there is a housing community and on the other side there is a drop off/hill kinda thingy and a good amount of trees. All the sudden we see this kid trudging up the hill with his bike, out of breath and muttering "ice cream, ice cream..." Haha he asked us if we saw the ice cream truck and we told him which way it went. He just kept on saying "I need ice cream, I need ice cream.." again and again and then evenutally he gave up and went home haha. 

We tracked a lot this week and a lot of appointments fell through for us. We had some dinner apointments which was good. Ha it seems like week 6 of the transfer is always a long week, with saturday (the day we get transfer news) being the longest. 

Thanks for the updates and emails though. They mean a lot to me. I hope the best for all of you! Have a great week!

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