Monday, March 17, 2014


Heya Family,

It was a long week but we survived it, and some good things happened too. Tell Suz, Kayla, and David I say happy birthday! 

We found two new investigators but we weren't able to get anyone out to church. But Sacrament meeting was amazing this week. A couple talked. The Sister talked all about her conversion story, which was amazing, and then her husband talked about how they got married. They had both been married before and both of them didn't really want to be married again. They started going on dates and they would go to the temple. He then talked about that feeling in fast and testimony meeting when the spirit is telling you to bear your testimony and you keep denying it and then eventually the next thing your saying is, "Brothers and Sisters, I'd like to..." haha and he said the same thing happened in the temple to him. He was sitting there and the spirit said ask her to marry you. He was like nooooo waaayy. He kept on denying it and then eventually the words just came right out, "Will you marry me?" haha and that is how they ended up getting married. Overall it was just a great day at church. 

Well I love you family and hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Krstyen 

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