Monday, February 3, 2014

Transfers!! 2/3/2014

Heya Family,
Next transfers are feb 11, just a heads up on that. I will be sure to grab all the mail from the mission office when we go by there. This week has been a good week, sorry I am kinda pressed for time today. We knocked a ton of doors this week. We got 60 tti's. (Teach, testify, invites) Only a few people let us in but we found some new people who potentially will want to learn about the gospel. I also went on exchanges down to escrito again and stayed the night over at grandpa roundys. He is one amazing man, he told me a ton of stories from his life about ww2 and other things. He is super loving. He has been making jewelry for over 30 yrs and never has sold any of it for a cent. And you have seen his jewelry, it is amazing. He has cancer and 30 yrs ago was presented with an option of having a surgery which might not be to good or not having it and hoping for the best. He and his wife put it into the Lord's hands, and though he wasn't supposed to live that much longer he has lived 30 yrs since that time. The Lord has really watched over him. He is a good man. I hope you guys get to meet him some day. Today for pday we are going into farmington. should be a lot of fun. Oh and I did the rubix cube in 1 min and 4 or secs. So new record haha just thought you guys would like to know. Hmm funny tracting story, knocked on a door and a man answered and said oh do you guys want to talk to ben? Haha I had no idea who ben was but said yeah we wanted to. Ben came to the door and said he wasn't interested and shut the door right quick. Just those random moments that you can't help but smile in life. Oh the only other request I had, and I sent this to mom already, but the only other thing I was thinking about was, and I am not quite sure where you could find this, but I was wondering, if you guys can find one course, if you could also get me a bible in hebrew and maybe if you could find another book as well, that talks about learning hebrew in connection with reading the bible in hebrew. So a hebrew bible and a book that teaches hebrew in connection with reading the bible in hebrew. (or if you can't find a book that teaches hebrew in connection with the bible, maybe just one that teaches hebrew) I have no idea where you can find books like these. I know byu has a class on learning hebrew and I think they learn and read out of a hebrew bible and they might have a student manual on learning hebrew on the byu online store. I guess just see what you can find with that haha. Well thanks for all that you guys do for me. I love you and hope you have an amazing week! I am grateful to have a family like you guys. Send my love to the rest of the family as well. Have a fantastic week! I will try to send a letter your way! Love you!
Elder Scotty Krstyen

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