Monday, February 10, 2014

Transferred 2/10/2014

Heya Family,
This week has been a really good week. Elder Short is a ton of fun and missionary work has been going really well. Grandpa Roundy is an amazing man. And no don't send him any money, even if you did I gurantee he would just send it back. He hasn't taken a cent for 30 yrs. All he wants to see is the smiles on peoples faces. I felt guilty when I was there and he said he was going to send you more jewelry. I tried to convince him otherwise, but multiple times he told me that that is what he wanted to do even though he had already sent you guys jewelry. One of the times he pointed to the wall and said, "Read that quote Elder. What does it say?" The quote was: Because I have been given much I too must give. That is how he lives. The companion I was on exchanges there with was a strong tongan man from Hawaii. One of the times when I protested again saying that we didn't need that much jewelry, Grandpa with a smile put his fists up in the air like he was going to box me. Then he looked at the elder that was with me and said, "You're strong, you take care of him." Haha as you can tell he is one great man. When I left for the last time he hugged me and told me he liked my character and that he loved me. That is probably the definition of brotherly love. I don't feel like I deserved that and I don't feel like I deserved the things he gave me. That whole exchange I was trying to think of how I could repay him for the kindness he had shown me. He doesn't want to be repayed. He just wants lives to be lifted. So in all honesty, the only way to pay it back seems to be to pay it forward. One great man though.
This week we met with a new investigator we found last week tracting. She had a lot of good questions. The first one was, are all mormons polygamists? Haha we had laugh and then explain about plural marriage in the early church and how it was commanded to be stopped later in 1890. But then she had a lot of really good questions about the church. When people have honest questions and they question with boldness, that is really when God will lead them to the truth. Christ set up a church when he was on the Earth. The true church of Jesus Christ. That people of the true church fell into apostasy and "grevious wolves" entered into the flock. But that same church was restored and brought back on April 6, 1830, with the same organization as the church Christ set up. Christ called apostles and called seventies just like he does now today through a prophet of God through revelation. I am not going to say I know this church is true, but I believe that this church is the true church of Jesus Christ. All that I have studied and learned, it leads me to believe that this is the Savior's church, not of men. And I believe that God does speak to men. Revelations and miracles are real, and I hope that someday I can say through revelation, that I know this church is true. But I believe this is the Savior's church. And "believe" is a powerful word; it is the expression of my faith.
Side story, we visited with a family at a motel, as we left there was a couple outside about to go into their apartment. I was backing the truck out. The first thing the man says we are living next to a bunch of morons! And then he proceeded to cuss us out. Elder Short waved at him and the man flipped him off and then elder short started waving faster when he did that lol. It is amazing how even though we have never met this man, that he could utterly hate us. In all honesty, it is sad. I don't know his background or story, but I feel bad that he holds that hate in his heart.
I celebrated my birthday with a daughter in the Harrington family. Her birthday was the 7th, but it was a ton of fun. We also had to say our goodbyes to everyone in the ward this week and it has been hard saying bye, but I am sure that the sisters will do really well here. Elder Short and I are getting moved to Farmington 4th Ward. I am pretty excited about it. And my address will still be 400 w apache st. so that is pretty sweet too. I am going into farmington today so I will check the mail then. Love you guys! Hope you have a fantastic week! Thanks for celebrating my bday haha. Talk to you later!!
Elder Scotty Krstyen
ps. Mom were you able to find those books on Thanks so much to everyone for looking for them. And I was wondering if anybody found anything on the hebrew stuff? I don't that is kinda a weird request but I think it would be kinda interesting to learn more about different stuff. The old testament was written originally in hebrew (and a little aramaic) and the new testament in greek/aramaic. Of course the bible has been through about a bigillion translations, but yeah if you can find anything sweet like the old testament in hebrew and a book about learning hebrew, that would be awesome. I guess just see what you can find. Love you guys! Thanks for all that you do for me!

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