Monday, January 13, 2014

Halfway 1/13/2014

I hope the new year has been treating you guys well. This past week was pretty good. Elder Short is a ton of fun to be with.
Let's see, some of the fun things this week.. So Elder Short is pretty into doing the rubix cube (he can do it in 30 seconds haha crazy) so sometimes we do that. And for Christmas he his family sent him some juggling balls and he was trying to learn and I taught him a little and he learned in only few a days. We just try to think of the randomest tricks to do and then try to learn how to do them, it helps take away all the little stresses of missionary life. He is super easy going though but likes to work hard, which is good.
He knows a lot about the scriptures and church history so it is pretty interesting to learn more about it all.
This week I started trying to memorize the scriptures a little bit more. Kinda as a joke I was like, I am gonna memorize all of D&C haha, so I memorized the 1st and 2nd section so far. It helps keep me busy I guess haha.
So church this week, we were waiting to see if any investigators would come and none showed up again, this is almost 8 weeks without someone at sacrament. After the sacrament was passed, we went out in the foyer to check one last time and to our surprise their was a family there that we didn't even really expect to be there. It was awesome. Finally got someone out to church, I was excited about that. And then we went to Gospel principles. Haha we were getting way off track in that class this week. And then there was a younger man who didn't want to go to primary, so we invited him and ended up going with him to primary with the older group. We sang songs and all that fun stuff, Elder Short and I enjoyed it a lot, but needless to say the young man we were with was laying on the ground in the very back corner of the room, good ol' primary. I think I forgot to tell you guys last week, but there was another young man last week in primary, who was giving his teacher a hard time. His teacher told him that if he continued to be bad she would go get his mom. I guess she had said the same thing last week because his reply was "oh, like you did last week??" Haha he totally called her out and so she went to go get his mom. If you knew his mom she is pretty straight forward, so we the teacher actually went to go get his mom this young man was totally shocked because he knew his mom would be mad at him, so he kinda just made a run for it. Haha he ran through the other wards sacrament meeting during the prayer, and so we spent most of the 3rd hour looking for him. His dad was kinda laughing about it and eventually they found him just somewhere around the church. Mom do you have any crazy stories like these in Primary?
We got a call from one of our former investigators this week who said he wanted to repent and be baptized. Basically I was thinking, well we can probably do that for you haha. He is just struggling with chew, but more so with alcohol, but he can overcome it and that is the bottom line.
Thanks for the letters and everything you guys have sent. I love you guys. I hope the work school goes well. Love you!
Elder Scott Krstyen

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