Monday, October 14, 2013

Farewell 10/14/2013

This week we had a "farewell" for a man named Alan here. We have been taking us out with him and we are excited for him. He enters the MTC on Wednesday.
We went and tracted a little in Oak Springs. The first thing an older lady said to us was... I am Catholic so don't talk to me about your religion. So then we just started talking to her and she opened up to us. She at least took our phone number which was better than not talking to her at all. Those TTI's are the worst. "Hi, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Have you ever talked to missionaries before? Yeah? Well would it be alright if we came by and talked to you guys about Jesus Christ? No? Okay, well have a good day." I have done that a lot on my mission. It really isn't sincere.
This area is slower but we still find some people to talk to. We cover Lupton down to Jones Ranch, Manulito, Oak Springs, and about to the Allentown exit. We teach the active members along with others. We have been trying to get the area going by having more activities like a sports night, book of mormon stufy, we are planning on doing a pumpkin carving  activity for Haloween so it should be good. We were in the hall when they announced the Pumpkin Carving activity and we heard in the Sacrament room someone go, "Woooo!!!" Haha some one is either really excite for that or else it wasn't related. Elder Ika is back home which is crazy. We miss him.
Well love you guys, hope you are doing well! Have the best week.
Elder Krstyen

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