Monday, October 28, 2013


Hey Family,
I am in Aztec, NM, it is east of farmington. I am with Elder Jamison and Elder Tolman, they are both zone leaders. Elder Jamison has been out almost 2 years and Elder Tolman has been out a little bit over a year. Both of them are great missionaries and great sincere people. I am grateful to be with them. We have a truck and cover aztec 1st ward. I am learning a lot from them.
This week there was some pretty special experiences. Both my companions are amazing missionaries. We were leaving the apartment with a pray that Elder Jamison was giving. He has almost finished his prayer when he paused and then asked that we could find someone to teach who was prepared. He ended the prayer. We walked outside and one of our neighbors was outside sitting in his car. Elder Jamison went aside and went over and started to talk to him. After a little conversation the man told us that he would like us to share a lesson with him sometime. We are meeting with him later today so we will see how it all goes, hopefully well. That prayer, in a way was answered really fast. Some answers to some prayers come immediately, some come quick, some come later, and some don't come for a long time, some don't seem like they ever come, and some don't come till the next life, but they do come, if it is in Christ's name and according to God's will. Often for me, the blessings come but I completely miss them because I don't take the time to look for them or recognize them. I am going to try to do better at recognizing those blessings. Well I hope that you all have a great week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, October 21, 2013


Hey Family,
I got moved up to Aztec so now I am with Elder Jamison and Elder Tolman. I don't have too much time to email, but I hope you are doing well! Have a good week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, October 14, 2013

Farewell 10/14/2013

This week we had a "farewell" for a man named Alan here. We have been taking us out with him and we are excited for him. He enters the MTC on Wednesday.
We went and tracted a little in Oak Springs. The first thing an older lady said to us was... I am Catholic so don't talk to me about your religion. So then we just started talking to her and she opened up to us. She at least took our phone number which was better than not talking to her at all. Those TTI's are the worst. "Hi, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Have you ever talked to missionaries before? Yeah? Well would it be alright if we came by and talked to you guys about Jesus Christ? No? Okay, well have a good day." I have done that a lot on my mission. It really isn't sincere.
This area is slower but we still find some people to talk to. We cover Lupton down to Jones Ranch, Manulito, Oak Springs, and about to the Allentown exit. We teach the active members along with others. We have been trying to get the area going by having more activities like a sports night, book of mormon stufy, we are planning on doing a pumpkin carving  activity for Haloween so it should be good. We were in the hall when they announced the Pumpkin Carving activity and we heard in the Sacrament room someone go, "Woooo!!!" Haha some one is either really excite for that or else it wasn't related. Elder Ika is back home which is crazy. We miss him.
Well love you guys, hope you are doing well! Have the best week.
Elder Krstyen

Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference! 10/7/2013

General Conference was pretty exciting this weekend. I tried to take some good notes on it. Usually I take "Large Plate" notes instead of "Small Plate" notes. Usually I try to write down everything they say but this time I tried to write done what I learned or what came to my mind. Even as I wrote down my thoughts when I listened to Elder Bednars talk on tithing, thoughts pertaining to me personally and nothing really to tithing came to my mind. Those thoughts were some things I needed to understand and realize personally. They had nothing to do with tithing. I feel like that is just another example of how when we ask for revelation or answers from God we usually don't receive that answer when we are kneeling but rather when we are acting. I received some of those ideas as I exercised my faith to take notes on Elder Bednar's talk, and it was while I was acting that the answers seemed to come.
It is the same as when I first feel like I received a witness that the Book of Mormon was something good. In Junior High I would read it every once in a while. I wasn't very consistent, but when times got hard when I was in Junior High, I would read a little out of the scriptures and I found comfort. I remember one day along the line that I felt that the Book of Mormon was something good. It came as I read it, I realized that my testimony of the Book of Mormon had slowly been growing inside me all the time and now I finally realized that it was a true, good book. Testimony comes in action. (John 7:17)
I think sometimes in my emails I try to make myself look super spiritual or better than I am. I am nothing. I am not very spiritual. I am sorry if all my emails look really prideful. Sometimes I feel that way and I don't want it to be that way. I am trying to not share these things to try to impress all of you but I am trying to share them with all of you that maybe it will help one of you in some way. Sometimes I feel like many things I say are to be seen of other people, and that is pride. I don't want to be that way anymore. These things are just some things I have learned. I have a lot of weaknesses and struggles, but what matters more than all that is Jesus Christ. He matters.
I love all of you guys. I hope that you all received something from General Conference that can help you. If you didn't yet go back again and listen and find what God wants you to hear. That is what I am going to do. Hear it and then do it. Have a great week!
Skat Krstyen