Monday, September 2, 2013

Lupton 9/2/2013

Hey so this week has been quite the week.
Let's see... I rode out to Farmington and then down to Lupton on the transfer van on Tuesday. I meet up with my two new comps in Gallup and now I am over in Lupton. I am in a tricompanionship with Elder Ika and Elder Phillips. Elder Ika has been out 23 months and Elder Phillips came out the same time as me but we didn't know each other too well because we were in different zones in the mtc. Down here we live in a trailer by the church and the whole property is fenced in. I got here and actually didn't have a bed so I slept on the couch for a couple nights but I got my bed on Saturday so that was sweet. We also found out that we had a mouse so we have been trying get him. Finally one night all of us were up and the mouse came out and we were throwing everything we could at it. It took us a long time but finally I threw a shoe and knocked him out so all is well now in our humble abode.
There is not really too much out here. It is still an awesome place but missionary work here is way different than what I am used to. I am used to the city where we could tract a lot, but here if we tracted then we would have talked to everyone in less than two or three weeks, so we try to mostly just work of referrals as much as we can. People are a lot more receptive to us that way.
Yesterday we had 35 at church which was pretty good. Church went well. They only have 2 hour church here so that is a lot different too. The Branch President lives over in Gallup and drives in and the same with the 1st Counselor I think. I am pretty sure he lives closer by Sanders, but he is called to serve here in this Branch.
We are probably going to go play basketball in Gallup today and then go to Walmart to get some supplies. We get fed about half the time out here by some pretty amazing people. I am grateful they are willing to fed three hungry missionaries.
There are a lot of less active members out here. Many people went on the Placement Program and so they were baptized when they were younger. Some benefited from that a lot and others did not. Many people that are baptized have little knowledge abut the Gospel and they don't really have a testimony just yet. The Native Americans do have incredible faith though. Lots of them pray a lot, but many don't read or go to church for one reason or another. They are amazing though, they are just missing out on some of the blessing that come from reading and going to church.
Well I hope you guys are doing well! I am here for ya and I know you are here for me as well. Have a great week!
Elder Krstyen
"The only way to fail with Christ is to quit."

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