Monday, September 9, 2013


    So this week was a pretty slow week, but still a good one! We had around 40 at church and we saw some new faces so that was pretty exciting. This week my companions and I talked in church. It was a little impromptu because they asked us to talk 20 minutes before it started but it still went pretty well. Elder Phillips talked about how he gained his own testimony and how everyone should gain that testimony. I talked about that parable that I really like about the "pearl of great price" in Matthew 13 and how we should try to mak time for reading, praying, and going to church. Elder Ika talked about how the Gospel helps us and about testimony a little too and he ended up at the end bearing his testimony in Navajo. It was pretty awesome, haha someone in the back behind us started clapping when he finished and then their parent promptly stopped them. I couldn't help but smile a little bit.
    Tonight we are going on exchanges with the zone leaders so that should be pretty fun. I think I will probably stay here but I don't know the area too well and there aren't road names so basically it will be quite the guessing game for sure.
    Two quotes I read this week that relate to prayer that i really like go like this, "God is greater than your greatest need." And "It is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart in prayer." I really like both of these and I really think they are true. The first one shows how no matter how big your worries or concerns when you pray, don't forget that you are talking to God, your loving Heavenly Father and that He knows everything. He knows how to fix your problems and what you need. He can make any miracle happen if it so be His will to do so. So I have learned and want to try to apply that when I pray I need to remember to ask for help with my worries and concerns, but to always remember first and foremost that I am talking to God and that He will help me if I let Him. I can't do anything, but with His help if I sincerely want it and if I sincerely turn to Him then miracles can happen. There just has to be faith and trust first. I need to work more on these things.
    And then the second one, I have found that all too often my prayers become repetitive and lack sincerity. They seem to become a hassle and a burden. This isn't what prayer is supposed to be. Prayer is supposed to be meaningful and healing. Prayer is supposed to be talking with our Heavenly Father. I find it interesting that in Alma 37:37 it doesn't say, "Counsel 'at' the Lord in all thy doings" or "'Recieve' counsel from the Lord in all thy doings" but it says "Counsel 'with' the Lord in all thy doings" To counsel with God literally means to talk to Him. Not at Him but to talk with Him just like you would another person. Talk to Him but then take the time to listen. How can I recieve His guidance if I don't listen? This is something I have been trying to do, is to make sure my prayers have meaning and my words have meaning from my heart and also to try to listen when I pray. It is so hard to do but I believe it is important to listen for that guidance, for that revelation. These are some things I am working on and I have a ton to work on. Thanks for all the emails, they mean a lot to me. Love you guys!
Elder Scott Krstyen

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