Monday, September 30, 2013

Hey Family 9/30/2013

Pretty slow week here. I hope you guys are doing well! I don't have too much time so this will be short cause this is Elder Ika's last P-Day so we are gonna go play basketball and stuff.
I am glad you guys got the card. To answer some of the ?'s , basically it was half the mission that went to Snowflake and the other half to Monticello. We will probably go to Gallup to watch conference. I am excited for that. Definitely something to look forward to. I encourage all of you to watch it! Living in a trailer is going prett good. I like it. We email here at the church in Lupton. It gets kinda confusing sometimes around here but we usually can find our way around.
This weekend is also transfers so we will see what happens. Elder Ika is going home (thats crazy) so I don't really know what will happen.
Love you guys! Have a good week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, September 23, 2013

Temple 9/23/2013

Hey Family,
This one might have to be a little short but I'll tell you a little about my week.
This week was a slower week but still a good one. I went on exchanges to Gallup this week and we knocked doors all day on thursday. It was pretty good, we had a lot of people shut the door in our face and also we had some people we talked to a little bit and they invited us back. All and all a pretty good exchange.
Lupton is still good old Lupton. It is interesting because their isn't too much but I-40 passes right through here so I don't feel too far away from anything, we are only about 30 mins from Gallup anyway. This Saturday we had a baptism for an 8 year old here named Sage up in Gallup. His family wanted to do the baptism and then also a potluck and a volleyball night, so we did all that on Saturday. It was a great experience and everything went well.
This morning we were able to go to the Snowflake AZ temple which was good. It has been over nine months since I have been to the temple and I wish that I could go more often there. We woke up real early this morning and then just barely got back, and we still need to shop and stuff. It was a good trip.
Have a good week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, September 16, 2013


Hey Family,
Hope things are going well for you! This has been a super slow week so not too much has happened and I don't have too much time so I have to keep this short, but next week we are going to the temple so I am excited for that! General Conference is also coming up so get excited for that! I am looking forward to it. I am glad to hear from all of you and I hope that things are going well for you guys!
         Elder Krstyen

Monday, September 9, 2013


    So this week was a pretty slow week, but still a good one! We had around 40 at church and we saw some new faces so that was pretty exciting. This week my companions and I talked in church. It was a little impromptu because they asked us to talk 20 minutes before it started but it still went pretty well. Elder Phillips talked about how he gained his own testimony and how everyone should gain that testimony. I talked about that parable that I really like about the "pearl of great price" in Matthew 13 and how we should try to mak time for reading, praying, and going to church. Elder Ika talked about how the Gospel helps us and about testimony a little too and he ended up at the end bearing his testimony in Navajo. It was pretty awesome, haha someone in the back behind us started clapping when he finished and then their parent promptly stopped them. I couldn't help but smile a little bit.
    Tonight we are going on exchanges with the zone leaders so that should be pretty fun. I think I will probably stay here but I don't know the area too well and there aren't road names so basically it will be quite the guessing game for sure.
    Two quotes I read this week that relate to prayer that i really like go like this, "God is greater than your greatest need." And "It is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart in prayer." I really like both of these and I really think they are true. The first one shows how no matter how big your worries or concerns when you pray, don't forget that you are talking to God, your loving Heavenly Father and that He knows everything. He knows how to fix your problems and what you need. He can make any miracle happen if it so be His will to do so. So I have learned and want to try to apply that when I pray I need to remember to ask for help with my worries and concerns, but to always remember first and foremost that I am talking to God and that He will help me if I let Him. I can't do anything, but with His help if I sincerely want it and if I sincerely turn to Him then miracles can happen. There just has to be faith and trust first. I need to work more on these things.
    And then the second one, I have found that all too often my prayers become repetitive and lack sincerity. They seem to become a hassle and a burden. This isn't what prayer is supposed to be. Prayer is supposed to be meaningful and healing. Prayer is supposed to be talking with our Heavenly Father. I find it interesting that in Alma 37:37 it doesn't say, "Counsel 'at' the Lord in all thy doings" or "'Recieve' counsel from the Lord in all thy doings" but it says "Counsel 'with' the Lord in all thy doings" To counsel with God literally means to talk to Him. Not at Him but to talk with Him just like you would another person. Talk to Him but then take the time to listen. How can I recieve His guidance if I don't listen? This is something I have been trying to do, is to make sure my prayers have meaning and my words have meaning from my heart and also to try to listen when I pray. It is so hard to do but I believe it is important to listen for that guidance, for that revelation. These are some things I am working on and I have a ton to work on. Thanks for all the emails, they mean a lot to me. Love you guys!
Elder Scott Krstyen

Monday, September 2, 2013

Lupton 9/2/2013

Hey so this week has been quite the week.
Let's see... I rode out to Farmington and then down to Lupton on the transfer van on Tuesday. I meet up with my two new comps in Gallup and now I am over in Lupton. I am in a tricompanionship with Elder Ika and Elder Phillips. Elder Ika has been out 23 months and Elder Phillips came out the same time as me but we didn't know each other too well because we were in different zones in the mtc. Down here we live in a trailer by the church and the whole property is fenced in. I got here and actually didn't have a bed so I slept on the couch for a couple nights but I got my bed on Saturday so that was sweet. We also found out that we had a mouse so we have been trying get him. Finally one night all of us were up and the mouse came out and we were throwing everything we could at it. It took us a long time but finally I threw a shoe and knocked him out so all is well now in our humble abode.
There is not really too much out here. It is still an awesome place but missionary work here is way different than what I am used to. I am used to the city where we could tract a lot, but here if we tracted then we would have talked to everyone in less than two or three weeks, so we try to mostly just work of referrals as much as we can. People are a lot more receptive to us that way.
Yesterday we had 35 at church which was pretty good. Church went well. They only have 2 hour church here so that is a lot different too. The Branch President lives over in Gallup and drives in and the same with the 1st Counselor I think. I am pretty sure he lives closer by Sanders, but he is called to serve here in this Branch.
We are probably going to go play basketball in Gallup today and then go to Walmart to get some supplies. We get fed about half the time out here by some pretty amazing people. I am grateful they are willing to fed three hungry missionaries.
There are a lot of less active members out here. Many people went on the Placement Program and so they were baptized when they were younger. Some benefited from that a lot and others did not. Many people that are baptized have little knowledge abut the Gospel and they don't really have a testimony just yet. The Native Americans do have incredible faith though. Lots of them pray a lot, but many don't read or go to church for one reason or another. They are amazing though, they are just missing out on some of the blessing that come from reading and going to church.
Well I hope you guys are doing well! I am here for ya and I know you are here for me as well. Have a great week!
Elder Krstyen
"The only way to fail with Christ is to quit."