Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stake Conference 8/19/2013

So this weekend was Stake Conference. It was pretty awesome. We heard our Mission President and his wife and the St. George Temple President and his wife and then the Stake President speak. It was an awesome experience. The Temple President and his wife talked about how "CTR" stands for Choose the Right for younger fellows and how "CTR" can also stand for Current Temple Recommend for those who are older. I really have a testimony of the temple. I miss it so much. I wish I could go there more often on my mission, I think we are going in September, but it will just make the experience that much better.
This week I went on an exchange to Kaibeto. Kaibeto is out on the rez about 45 minutes from page. It is where my trainer Elder Soper was trained and so I have heard a ton about Kaibeto. It is a pretty wonderful place. It is super peaceful out there and there is definitely great people out there.
Thank you so much for all the emails and letters and everything. You really don't know the difference they make in my life. It is great to hear from you guys. Thanks for sending me the stuff I asked for as well! I am looking forward to it. Haha have fun on your trip and good luck with school and work. Thanks for all the emails, sorry I can't write back to all of them right away, but be assured that I am reading them and they do make a difference.
Love you!
Elder Krstyen

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