Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This week we actually ended up going to three different wards, and the talks in all the Sacrament meetings were pretty good. A newly called High Council man spoke for the first time. He talked about preparing for Stake Conference (which is next week here) and how we can get a lot out of Stake Conference. This next week the St. George Temple President will be here and President Batt our mission president, so it should be quite the spiritual experience. Tomorrow we have interviews with the Mission President and then transfers in two weeks so we will see what happens with that haha.
About three weeks ago we met a younger lady named Kate. She has the strongest testimony ever. She has really seen the Gospel bless her life and she reads and prays. Her testimony has strengthened my testimony. She wants to be baptized, then make that covanent and be able to have the Spirit with her always, and she is planning to be baptized next week. My companion and I are way excited for her!
There are a ton of good people here. People that care about the Savior and follow Him sincerely.
Just like it says in Matthew (which I can't find it right now) I feel like I have found the Pearl of Great Price and now I just need to give up all to obtain it. These things really matter: family, the Gospel, the Savior, and all of us individually and importantly living the Gospel and returning back to Heavenly Father one day. These things matter. This is the Pearl of Great Price, I honestly belive it is. I just need to do all I can to obtain it.
Talk to you next week!!
E. Scott Krstyen

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