Monday, July 15, 2013

Transfers.... 7/15/2013

Hey family!
Sorry my email took so long to send last week. I guess all of our emails got delayed a couple of days, so I hope they all sent. This week has been a pretty crazy week. Just how transfer weeks go usually.
Lots has happened this week. So we got our transfer call.... and I am going to Tec Nos Pos. Its gonna be absolutely crazy! Haha we will see what happens.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ has come to mean so much more to me on my mission. The Gospel is how we are able to truly receive the blessings of Jesus Christ's atonement in our life.
This week we were going around trying to contact some of our investigators, and we decided to go visit one of our Bishops. We knocked and no one was there, but as we knocked there his neighbors pulled in and asked if we would help them move some stuff. We talked to them and were able to help them move and they want us to come back again. Little moments like that just add to my testimony of charity.
I want to talk a little bit about this quote from President Utchdorf in General Conference in his talk "Four Titles":
"Brethren, discipleship is a lifelong journey following our Savior. Along our metaphorical path from Bethlehem to Golgotha, we will have many opportunities to abandon our journey. At times it will seem that the path requires more than we had wished for. But as men of the priesthood, we must have the courage to follow our Redeemer, even when our cross seems too heavy to bear. With every step we take following the Son of God, we may be reminded that we are not perfect yet. But let us be steadfast and constant disciples. Let us not give up. Let us be true to our covenants. Let us never lose sight of our Advocate and Redeemer as we walk toward Him, one imperfect step after another."
There is a lot insight in this quote but I just want to focus on the last five words... "One imperfect step after another." I have definitely learned a lot about this concept on my mission. When we try to do good or try to do what is right sometimes we fall short of what we aimed to do. Sometimes we forget that the only perfect person on this Earth was the Savior. So as we try to do what we know is right, as we try to keep the commandments of God, we will be trying to follow our Savior one imperfect step after another . The Savior doesn't demand quick perfection from us, but rather, just like President Utchdorf says, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father encourage, love, and are proud of every simple, weak, imperfect step we take in the right way, following our Savior. I know this is true.
Oh and by the way.... I was just kidding! I am staying in Page another transfer with Elder Griener!! I am way excited. Should be fun. :)
Well family I love you all and hope things are going well. Thanks for everything you do for me, prayers and emails and support. It means a lot to me. Talk to ya next week!
Elder Krstyen

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