Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hey Family!
I don't have a ton of time to email this week but I'll try to write down some good things that happened.
Page is as good as it always is. It's Monsoon season here so every once in a while we get a lot of rain here. Haha one day we were completely soaked riding around and the streets had rivers running down them. Compared to the hot weather it was pretty nice to cool off in the rain. Today for P Day we actually got to go down to the Glen Canyon Dam and take a tour. I was trying to think of all the times I have been to the visitor center for our soccer trips and vacations. We actually got to go all over the dam and down into it and then down and out on the very bottom which was awesome! I took so sweet pictures so I'll try to send some home. They as we were driving to email someone called us and asked if we would help them move in and we were glad to do so. Charity definitely is the pure love of Christ. I am grateful for opportunities like that.
This week went pretty well. The people here are awesome! I wish I could do more work here, I guess I just need to work harder. I want to share an experience a little while back about a man who was talking to us about Alma 32. That chapter talks a lot about Faith and how our Faith will grow into a great tree as we let it grow. But before it talks about all that it talks about humility.
It talks about how the people were thrown out of their synagoges and were compelled to be humble because of their exceeding poverty. Alma then states that they are blessed because they are compelled to be humble but how much more blessed are those who "truly humble themselves" with out having some great trial or challenge to humble them. The man who talked about this chapter talked about how much better he realized life was when he realized he didn't need hard trials to constantly humble him, but rather he could humble himself and try to stay humble. How much better is life when we can stay humble as we humble ourselves and constantly listen to the voice of the Lord. I definitely need to work on this. Humbling myself so I can be a better disciple and so I can be a better servant of the Lord.
Love you family! Sorry to keep it short! Have a great week!!
Elder Krstyen

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