Monday, June 3, 2013

Transfers!!! 6/3/2013

Hey Family!
So there is some big news.... I got called and I am going to be staying with Elder Blakely for six more weeks!!! I am stoked! It should be good. This past week was pretty crazy. And I have no idea what is happening to Elder Soper so I guess I'll find out soon.
Alright so maybe the first paragraph was a joke.. haha alright so Elder Blakely is staying in Pagosa and training next transfer. I am headed out to Page Arizona! 4th and 5th ward I think. Basically all I know is that it is south of Lake Powell (First I was in Pagosa by the hot springs I couldn't go in, and now I am in Page by Lake Powell which I can't go in haha) and that it gets super hot there. Like really hot haha. As I told the peoples in Pagosa that I was leaving to Page they basically all said, "It's hot there!" Hmmm I may or may not be in a biking area and it may or may not be half rez. I really don't know anything yet. And as for my companion I am pretty sure his name is Elder Griener or something like that. And no one knows who he is as far as I know. There is a possibility he came out one transfer after me but I don't know.
So I have a pretty fun two days planned ahead of me. Tomorrow I'll hop on the transfer van in the morning and go down to Gallup and then to Holbrook and then I will get picked up from there and make my way up to Page. It should be a ton of fun!
Leaving Pagosa is definitely a bittersweet thing! I am gonna miss a lot of the people here for sure. Some of Saturday and most of yesterday was spent saying bye to everyone and getting pictures with them! But at the same time I am excited to go over to Page! It'll be a whole new experience and I am excited for that.
We were super low on miles this past week so we did a lot of work downtown. We tracted a lot and walked a lot. We were able to find some new people and also find some new potential investigators. Haha a lot of people saw us and either waved or ... gave us the bird. But more or less it was a pretty good week. There was a less active family I have been working with since I got here and they finally came to church! It was so great to see them there.
Well fam I love you guys. I hope things are going well. I'll share one little spiritual thought with you guys. Alma 26:19 I love this scripture. Right about now you might be thinking that's a weird scripture to love, but it has so much depth and meaning. We all know this story. Alma and the sons of Mosiah went about trying to destroy the church of God and lead the people away. They were more or less wicked. So why didn't God give up on them? They had definitely done some bad stuff. They didn't want Him in their life, so why didn't He just leave them alone and forget about them? Because God doesn't forget about anyone. He loves everyone. He cares and is aware of everyone. The Good Shepard is always calling the lost sheep back into His fold no matter where they have been or what they have done. I have met so many people that feel as if God doesn't care. He does care. He cared about the sons of Mosiah. And when they decided to act and change and follow Jesus Christ they went from being in a sinful polluted state to eventually being some of the greatest missionaries the Americas have ever seen. So that's the little truth I wanted to share with all of you. God does care.
Love you family. I hope you all are blessed with many blessing this next week! Keep on keepin on amigos. Talk to you next week.

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