Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bikes?? 6/10/2013

Hey family!
This has been a pretty good week over in Page. I hope things are going well for all of you as well. So I am currently serving with Elder Griener in Page 1st and 5th ward. It is pretty awesome here! I am really liking it. It has been getting up in the hundreds here so it's definitely been pretty hot, and yes we are on bikes now. Haha I actually am really enjoying it besides the fact that it is super hot outside. It is beautiful here. Yes, I am drinking enough water. We live up on a mesa type hill thing... So whenever we go down the hill to see people it is a ton of fun, but biking back up is quite a challenge.
My new comp is Elder Griener. He is a great missionary. He is pretty funny too. He has been out one transfer shorter than me so we have two pretty young missionaries in this area, but hopefully good things will happen here. He is from Alaska, so pretty far away, and me and him get along really well.
We teach a lot of Navajo families which is pretty awesome. They are awesome. Lots of sincere investigators here who are actually looking for the truth.
As we left out the door to go to church we both grabbed our bikes and realized they both had flats! Haha so we ended walking some of the way. I never thought I would be riding on a bike in 100 degree weather in a shirt and tie. It's quite the experience.
We were asked to speak in 1st ward yesterday and I decided to speak on prayer. I talked about why prayer is so important and how we can make our prayers more meaningful and how we can pray with a sincere heart, having faith in Christ and real intent. I went through all the events of the Restoration and how prayer played a key part throughout all the events of the Restoration. Joseph Smith prayed and saw God the Eternal Father and Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith prayed and an angel appeared to him and told him about the gold plates. Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery prayed about the priesthood and then angelic messengers were able to appear and bring that Priesthood power back to the Earth. Prayer played such a key role in the Restoration of the Gospel. And prayer plays such a key role in our lives today. I am pretty sure that whole talk I gave helped me out more than others. I definitely need to work on my prayers. I know that with prayer we can accomplish what God wants us to accomplish and to become what God wants us to become.
More than anything else, right now I would say that I have gained a testimony that Heavenly Father loves His children. I have seen that in the lives of others and I have definitely seen that in my own life.
Love you guys a lot. Talk to you next week!
Elder Krstyen

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