Monday, June 24, 2013

Over 70,000 missionaries?! 6/24/2013

Hey family!
Were you all able to see the missionary broadcast? It was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed the things that were said and how the work is hastening. It is amazing to hear that there are over 70,000 missionaries. That is a great blessing in this day.
So a little more info about Page for mom. We bike a lot haha and it is pretty tiring. I never imagined myself biking around in 100 degree weather in a suit (on sunday to church). We work a lot in a mobile home park and also in apartments by them. Lots of good people here. One of the lds churches we go to is on curve that I think might have 8-10 churches on it all in a row haha. You could probably look it up on google maps or something, but we always refer to that road when we talk about the Great apostasy and why there are so many different churches. There are five wards here. Sisters cover two wards, we cover two, and two other elders cover the last one. 
This week has been pretty exciting. We had some awesome speakers in our wards yesterday. In one ward a return missionary shared his testimony on fasting and priesthood keys. It was awesome. He talked about the power of fasting and how when we fast we are able to put of the natural man, not giving him anything he wants, food or drink. The best way I can describe this is as self-control. When we exercise self-control in any way, we show our Heavenly Father that we are trying to be spiritually minded and see the whole picture instead of the short term carnal mind. What a blessing it is that we have a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. That we know why we are here and where we are going and where we came from (our divine heritage), so that we can always have that eternal perspective instead of the limited perspective that we often have. I know that fasting is important. Also he talked about how important Priesthood Keys are. I want to add my testimony as well. My mission president it awesome!! I know he has been called of God to this work and to lead this mission. I know he receives revelation about what this mission needs.
There is definitely a lot of work to be done here in Page Arizona. I just need to put my hand to the plow and keep on keeping on. After all is said and done, it is most important to preach the Gospel.
Have a great week! Enjoy the family and keep on reading and praying! Talk to ya next week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 6/17/2013

Happy Fathers Day!!!! 
I hope all of you had a great Fathers Day, especially Dad and  Mark. This week went pretty well! I don't have a lot of time to email because we have to drive down to Tuba City today for a zone meeting. Things have been going pretty great in Page.
I just love it here. There are a lot of great people here and I am thankful to be here. As always I am learning a ton being here. I am learning a lot about myself and others. Thanks for the emails and letters of encouragement. They mean so much to me. I wish I could have heard both Hunters and Winnies farewell! That would have been awesome. I wish all my buddies were coming to this mission so we could be companions and share the Gospel of hope and love with others.
Well I love you all family and I hope things are going well for you. Keep on keeping on.
Elder Scott Krstyen

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bikes?? 6/10/2013

Hey family!
This has been a pretty good week over in Page. I hope things are going well for all of you as well. So I am currently serving with Elder Griener in Page 1st and 5th ward. It is pretty awesome here! I am really liking it. It has been getting up in the hundreds here so it's definitely been pretty hot, and yes we are on bikes now. Haha I actually am really enjoying it besides the fact that it is super hot outside. It is beautiful here. Yes, I am drinking enough water. We live up on a mesa type hill thing... So whenever we go down the hill to see people it is a ton of fun, but biking back up is quite a challenge.
My new comp is Elder Griener. He is a great missionary. He is pretty funny too. He has been out one transfer shorter than me so we have two pretty young missionaries in this area, but hopefully good things will happen here. He is from Alaska, so pretty far away, and me and him get along really well.
We teach a lot of Navajo families which is pretty awesome. They are awesome. Lots of sincere investigators here who are actually looking for the truth.
As we left out the door to go to church we both grabbed our bikes and realized they both had flats! Haha so we ended walking some of the way. I never thought I would be riding on a bike in 100 degree weather in a shirt and tie. It's quite the experience.
We were asked to speak in 1st ward yesterday and I decided to speak on prayer. I talked about why prayer is so important and how we can make our prayers more meaningful and how we can pray with a sincere heart, having faith in Christ and real intent. I went through all the events of the Restoration and how prayer played a key part throughout all the events of the Restoration. Joseph Smith prayed and saw God the Eternal Father and Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith prayed and an angel appeared to him and told him about the gold plates. Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery prayed about the priesthood and then angelic messengers were able to appear and bring that Priesthood power back to the Earth. Prayer played such a key role in the Restoration of the Gospel. And prayer plays such a key role in our lives today. I am pretty sure that whole talk I gave helped me out more than others. I definitely need to work on my prayers. I know that with prayer we can accomplish what God wants us to accomplish and to become what God wants us to become.
More than anything else, right now I would say that I have gained a testimony that Heavenly Father loves His children. I have seen that in the lives of others and I have definitely seen that in my own life.
Love you guys a lot. Talk to you next week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, June 3, 2013

Transfers!!! 6/3/2013

Hey Family!
So there is some big news.... I got called and I am going to be staying with Elder Blakely for six more weeks!!! I am stoked! It should be good. This past week was pretty crazy. And I have no idea what is happening to Elder Soper so I guess I'll find out soon.
Alright so maybe the first paragraph was a joke.. haha alright so Elder Blakely is staying in Pagosa and training next transfer. I am headed out to Page Arizona! 4th and 5th ward I think. Basically all I know is that it is south of Lake Powell (First I was in Pagosa by the hot springs I couldn't go in, and now I am in Page by Lake Powell which I can't go in haha) and that it gets super hot there. Like really hot haha. As I told the peoples in Pagosa that I was leaving to Page they basically all said, "It's hot there!" Hmmm I may or may not be in a biking area and it may or may not be half rez. I really don't know anything yet. And as for my companion I am pretty sure his name is Elder Griener or something like that. And no one knows who he is as far as I know. There is a possibility he came out one transfer after me but I don't know.
So I have a pretty fun two days planned ahead of me. Tomorrow I'll hop on the transfer van in the morning and go down to Gallup and then to Holbrook and then I will get picked up from there and make my way up to Page. It should be a ton of fun!
Leaving Pagosa is definitely a bittersweet thing! I am gonna miss a lot of the people here for sure. Some of Saturday and most of yesterday was spent saying bye to everyone and getting pictures with them! But at the same time I am excited to go over to Page! It'll be a whole new experience and I am excited for that.
We were super low on miles this past week so we did a lot of work downtown. We tracted a lot and walked a lot. We were able to find some new people and also find some new potential investigators. Haha a lot of people saw us and either waved or ... gave us the bird. But more or less it was a pretty good week. There was a less active family I have been working with since I got here and they finally came to church! It was so great to see them there.
Well fam I love you guys. I hope things are going well. I'll share one little spiritual thought with you guys. Alma 26:19 I love this scripture. Right about now you might be thinking that's a weird scripture to love, but it has so much depth and meaning. We all know this story. Alma and the sons of Mosiah went about trying to destroy the church of God and lead the people away. They were more or less wicked. So why didn't God give up on them? They had definitely done some bad stuff. They didn't want Him in their life, so why didn't He just leave them alone and forget about them? Because God doesn't forget about anyone. He loves everyone. He cares and is aware of everyone. The Good Shepard is always calling the lost sheep back into His fold no matter where they have been or what they have done. I have met so many people that feel as if God doesn't care. He does care. He cared about the sons of Mosiah. And when they decided to act and change and follow Jesus Christ they went from being in a sinful polluted state to eventually being some of the greatest missionaries the Americas have ever seen. So that's the little truth I wanted to share with all of you. God does care.
Love you family. I hope you all are blessed with many blessing this next week! Keep on keepin on amigos. Talk to you next week.