Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend 5/28/2013

Well Memorial Weekend is awesome... when you aren't on a mission haha. Just kidding it went pretty well. It was super hard to find people home though. There is so much outdoor stuff to do here that most people get out any day that they can. This week was definitely slower but some good things definitely happened. And sorry that I didn't email until today. The library here was closed so we didn't really have anywhere to email at. Sorry if the email is a little shorter today because we don't have as much time.
It is the end of the month so we are running super low on miles. If we can just make it to saturday we will be all good on miles haha. We'll see what happens.
Last night we had a pretty awesome lesson with a member family here. We taught them the restoration. I am starting to think that is definitely my favorite lesson to teach. It applies to everyone and everyone needs to hear it.
Remember the story of the family that we offered service to and now they have started to invite us over and feed us? They fed us lunch this past week and it was pretty awesome. Somewhere along the line she started asking about the differences between Catholics and Mormons! We were able to talk to her about the Book of Mormon and the Gospel. It was also awesome when she said, (talking about them feeding us) "can you believe this all happened because you said three simple words? Can we help?" That strengthened my testimony once again about the power of charity.
We family, love ya. I hope some crazy amazing things happen this week! Talk to ya later!
Elder Krstyen

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