Monday, May 6, 2013

Hola 5/6/2013

Hey family!
How's it going? Things have been going pretty alright over here. Taking over the area has been pretty hard since the area has been slowing down a little bit. A lot of our investigators have really busy schedules and it makes it hard for them to make time to meet with us. There's always time but it just makes it harder. I think Winnie goes into the MTC this week so tell him that I love him and that he will be a great missionary! It's great to hear how things are going for everyone. That's awesome that we have so many missionaries out from the ward! I am glad so many people are willing to serve. Congrats to Sarah on graduating! That's awesome news! I am happy to hear it.
I know this Gospel is for everyone. I have been thinking about that a lot this week. It changes people no matter who they are for the better and makes them happier. I thought a lot about Joseph Smith and how just a young man in Upstate New York wanted to know the truth. He took James 1:5 to heart. He knew that if he asked in faith, God would answer. There are no ifs, buts, or what ifs to that. That promise of asking and recieving didn't only apply to Joseph Smith. It applies to everyone who wants to know the truth. I think a lot of people forget that. I know that I do. Remember that the Savior said, "Ask and ye shall recieve and knock and it shall be opened unto you." Just as we know that God the Eternal Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith after he prayed, so we can know that God will answer our prayers. It probably won't be in such an extreme way but it seems like to me that most times answers come in the smallest softest ways, in the most unexpected ways. But I know that God will answer our prayers as we take to mighty fasting and prayer just like so many have in the scriptures that we read about about.
Yesterday was a harder day. Church went well but the work went slow. We couldn't seem to find anyone. On a last resort it came to my mind to contact a refferal that we had recieved many weeks early whose house we couldn't find. We found the house. And they let us in and said they would like to learn more. They are some of the nicest people and I am excited to get to know them better and share my testimony with them. That experience was so exciting, after what seemed like a less effective day. I know that the Lord directs this work.
On a funnier note we got some delicious soup from a member here who froze the soup in a zip lock bag and gave it to us for dinner one night. Elder Blakely and I, being the starving missionaries that we are wanted to eat it faster than it wanted to melt. Haha it was a pretty funny experience.
Mothers day is next week! I am excited to talk to all of you! We can actually skype as well. I am not exactly sure what time we will be calling probably anywhere from 1 to 4. What will end up happening is I will call you on mothers day around that time after church and then we can try to skype which will be sweet! Love you family! I hope things are going well and that the you are being blessed a lot! Best of luck with this next week!
Love Elder Lewis Scotty Kryiesten :)

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