Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Break! 4/15/2013

Hey Family!
How's it going? Things are going pretty well here. It was spring break this week up in Pagosa so it made for a really interesting week. Lots of people were out of town so we did a lot more less active work this week and a lot more tracting this week. We found some good potential investigators this week so that was pretty exciting. This week we had dinner with this pretty old member couple who were awesome. The lady said to Elder Soper that if he filled in the top of the o on his name tag that he would be super haha. It was out of no where and just hilarious. We also found out that we have a stray cat that lives somewhere around where we live. We found that out because in thethe morning we found some nice dirt cat prints on the hood of our truck. It made me think of the cat back home haha.
Tracting this week was pretty awesome. On one persons doorstep we gave the one minute version of the first lesson. We found a few others who asked us to come back. We are hoping that good things will come of it. This saturday we find out the transfer news. More than likely I will be staying in Pagosa and taking over the area but who knows what will happen haha. It makes for a pretty exciting week. Did the zone pictures send? I don't know if they did. Sorry this email will be shorter this week, but I hope it uplifts all of you back home. There are two kinds of people in this world. There are those who act and there are those who are acted upon. The book of mormon goes further in this by saying that men are free to choose liberty and eternal life or the opposite of that (2nd Nephi 2:27) When we choose to follow the Lord and take His name upon us and keep the commandments we are choosing to act. But we when allow the temptations and influences of the adversary to influence our decisions we allow ourselves to be acted upon. I pray that all of us will choose with the free agency that we have been given to always act. It may not be easy to do good things, but it is always right and blessing will always come of righteous decisions. This work is His work and this church is His church. Thank you for all the love and the support and the prayers. It makes a difference. I love all of you!! Best of luck with everything back home. Keep praying and reading! I love all of you.
           Elder Krstyen

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