Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello Family! 4/1/2013

How's it going? I am sorry but this email might be a little shorter because I am pressed for time. This upcoming week we have zone conference in farmington on tuesday so that should be way sweet and then we have general conference next week! I am so excited for it. Today for p day we are planning on going to mesa verde I think so I'll take lots of pictures and send them back home. Tonight we are staying with the ap's so it will be good to see them again, they are awesome missionaries. I have learned a ton this past week. We had zone training on thursday. It went pretty well and we all learned a lot! Next week I will be sure to send some pictures home. :) I love hearing from all of you. oh by the way, on the blog make sure there is no info that is sensitive. In fact probably take any names or addresses or anything else like that out of the emails all together. This past week was pretty crazy. I went on exchanges up in Pagosa with our district leader Elder Waldo this past thursday/friday. He is a great guy. He went to byu before his mission as well. I have learned more in these past 2.5 months than I ever have before. This easter was great! Pagosa is more of a tourist town and so the ward is a lot smaller during the winter and now as more tourist come in there is a ton more people at church. They finally had to open the back room because the rows filled up pretty nicely. Even with all these extra people, there was probably only as many as there usually is back home. We had easter dinner last night with one of the less actives we have been working with. He had been less active for a long time and sometime in february he had a stroke and it changed his whole life. He asked us to give him a blessing and we did at the hospital and he slowly got better over the last transfer. He has been coming to church now as he has been getting better. He completely quit smoking. And then he said this yesterday as we ate dinner with our ward mission leader. I shared the scripture in D&C 76 that says "This is the testimony last of all which we give of him, That He lives." And I asked around the room to everyone what it meant to them that Jesus Christ lives. When we got to the less active man this is what he said. It was crazy amazing. :) He said, "Jesus Christ has brought a lot of peace into my life. I have ignored it in the past, but no more." It was amazing and the Spirit was so strong there. He also said that his testimony was stronger than it ever has been before. That was a great moment this past week mi familia.
I testify that Jesus Christ lives. He literally lives. He took all our sins upon him. Because he performed the atonement, He knows exactly what we are going through. In every moment of everyday he knows exactly how we feel. Because He performed the atonement he knows how to heal us. How to help us. He knows what we need. Because of the atonement if we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ then someday we will return to live with Heavenly Father. I know that this is His church and His work. I don't need signs or evidence because I know in my heart that this church is true. I know by the power of the Holy Ghost. Once again I add my testimony, That He lives. I love you family! I pray for all of you every night. Thanks for the prayers as well, they make a huge difference! 
                 Con Mi Amor, Elder Krstyen

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