Monday, April 29, 2013

New companion 4/29/2013

Hey Family!
How's it going? Things are going pretty well in Pagosa Springs. We made it through all the crazy transfers and we have somewhat settled in. Taking over the area has been quite the experience but it has definitely been good. Zip lining was sweet! It was a ton of fun. Brandon is going to be such a great missionary. His friendship changed my life a lot. I am glad hear that his farewell went so well. I am glad to hear finals and school is going well. As of right now I don't know any of the details for calling on mothers day, but as soon as I find out I'll let you know. I am a little sad to see Elder Soper go but I know he will do well down in flag! My mtc companion Elder Fonnebeck is actually in his district as well.
 My new companion is Elder Blakely and he is from washington dc! He is a goof and a pretty funny guy. He is a good man and a great missionary. He likes to work out a lot so we have been going to the highschool each morning and using the gym to exercise. He only has two transfers left on his mission so he definitely knows a lot about the work so I am excited to learn from him.
  About 3 or so weeks ago we were tracting and we tracted this house and the people rejected us almost immediately. We went on tracting and eventually as we finished and walked back to the truck we passed that house again and there was an older lady who was working outside of her house on her yard. We offered to help her and she wouldn't let us in our suits, but we gave her our phone number and she said she would call us so we could come and help her with the yard work on her house sometime. Fast forward to this past week. We decided to go by and offer again. Her and her husband let us come in and talked to us for a little bit. We found out they were originally from Germany but had moved here. She offered us pizza, and then asked us if we were talking to a lot of people. We said yes and then she said with her awesome german accent, "Well don't talk to us, just eat pizza." It was pretty funny. Planting seeds, planting seeds :). Hopefully someday they will be open to the message the we share. From this experience my testimony of service and charity has definitely grown. We didn't even do any service but just offering, just being willing to act softens peoples hearts so they will speak to us. I hope she calls so we can go do some good service for her and her husband.
  I am grateful for this gospel and for missionary work. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior. And family, I love you and I hope everything is going well for you! 
Love Elder Krstyen 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hey Family!! 4/22/2013

I hope things are going really well! This has been a pretty crazy week haha. Transfer news is pretty crazy. Elder Soper is going to flagstaff to be a district leader! That means he could possibly be put into the Phoenix mission. I am gonna miss him but he will do a great job down there. We have had a lot of good times up in Pagosa Springs doing missionary work. I am staying in Pagosa and an Elder named Elder Blakley (I think that is how you spell it) is coming up with me in Pagosa. He only has 3 to 4.5 months left on his mission so it should be pretty exciting! Besides that I know about nothing about him besides that he is coming up from Thoreu which is close to Gallup down south. 
Thank you so much for the package! Yep I got it and I have been enjoying it a lot. Today with the zone leaders we are going zip lining for p day so that should be a lot of fun. I have grown really close with a lot of the missionaries in my zone. My testimony has grown a lot since the beginning of my mission. And by the way time flies while you are on a mission. It's crazy to think I have already been out as long as I have because I feel like I just left yesterday. I have a testimony of family history work. This week we went to visit a less active member. He hasn't been active for a long time and when we went over he pulled out some of his own family history work. He had a little but didn't have too much. We talked to him about I feel that if we can really get him involved in family history work it will help him start grow that faith in Jesus Christ. If that happens it will help him have the desire to come back to church and get active and in final become converted to the Lord and His Gospel. 
I love you family! I pray for you every night and I hope things are going great for you. Read this scripture! (I love it.) 1st Peter 1:6-9. Thanks for the letters and emails and support and encouragement. I really appreciate all of it and it has made a great difference in my life. I love you!

                Elder Krstyen

Monday, April 15, 2013

Zone Conference Pictures 4/15/2013

Spring Break! 4/15/2013

Hey Family!
How's it going? Things are going pretty well here. It was spring break this week up in Pagosa so it made for a really interesting week. Lots of people were out of town so we did a lot more less active work this week and a lot more tracting this week. We found some good potential investigators this week so that was pretty exciting. This week we had dinner with this pretty old member couple who were awesome. The lady said to Elder Soper that if he filled in the top of the o on his name tag that he would be super haha. It was out of no where and just hilarious. We also found out that we have a stray cat that lives somewhere around where we live. We found that out because in thethe morning we found some nice dirt cat prints on the hood of our truck. It made me think of the cat back home haha.
Tracting this week was pretty awesome. On one persons doorstep we gave the one minute version of the first lesson. We found a few others who asked us to come back. We are hoping that good things will come of it. This saturday we find out the transfer news. More than likely I will be staying in Pagosa and taking over the area but who knows what will happen haha. It makes for a pretty exciting week. Did the zone pictures send? I don't know if they did. Sorry this email will be shorter this week, but I hope it uplifts all of you back home. There are two kinds of people in this world. There are those who act and there are those who are acted upon. The book of mormon goes further in this by saying that men are free to choose liberty and eternal life or the opposite of that (2nd Nephi 2:27) When we choose to follow the Lord and take His name upon us and keep the commandments we are choosing to act. But we when allow the temptations and influences of the adversary to influence our decisions we allow ourselves to be acted upon. I pray that all of us will choose with the free agency that we have been given to always act. It may not be easy to do good things, but it is always right and blessing will always come of righteous decisions. This work is His work and this church is His church. Thank you for all the love and the support and the prayers. It makes a difference. I love all of you!! Best of luck with everything back home. Keep praying and reading! I love all of you.
           Elder Krstyen

Monday, April 8, 2013

General Conference 4/8/2013

Hey family!
How's it going? Did you all watch conference? If you didn't watch all of it you should because it is amazing. I love hearing the words of latter-day prophets, seers, and revelators speak to us. We got an email today from President Batt about how they are going to change the whole Flagstaff Stake and Zone and move it over to the Arizone Phoenix mission. This is a huge announcement. This means that lots of missionaries from our mission will be sent over to the Arizona Phoenix mission. Haha so I guess I have a chance of being in that mission as well. I have a feeling that I will probably stay in this mission though, but we will find out about that on April 22 after the next transfer. We will see what happens :). This week we were able to go do some service at Loaves and Fishes which is held at another church in town. Every thursday they make free lunch for anyone who wants to come. I love service and it was a great experience. We got to meet some new people as well which was good. Also that same day we were able to meet with a less active family. They have a priest age son who hasn't been active for a long time. Last week we asked his mother if he would want to go out with us and then we talked to him this past thursday. He told us that before all this happened he had prayed and asked Heavenly Father what more he could do to protect his home from the adversary and keep the Spirit more there. He said that this opportunity to go out with us was an answer to his prayers. He is an awesome young man and we hope this experience will help him to "draw closer to Heavenly Father so He can draw closer to him."
General Conference was awesome!! I feel like I have learned a lot and now I just need to apply it all. We were able to watch every session of conference in full. It was a great experience. Watching priesthood session without Grandpa was different but I am glad we still both had the opportunity to watch it. What were your favorite talks from General Conference? I liked a lot of them. A lot of the main themes were family, marriage, chastity and virtue, obedience, family, Priesthood, family, and missionary work. Hmmm I think I saw a definite trend there haha. I love you family. Back home I wasn't always the most involved or loving son or brother in our family, and I apologize for that. I am sorry for the times I didn't help when I should have, but I have learned my lesson. Family is one of the most important parts of life to the Lord and families are meant to be eternal. Most of the greatest work any of us will ever do is by blessing the lives of those within the walls of our own home. I loved Elder Packers talk Saturday Morning. Haha I loved all of the talks. I can't pick favorites, but let me add my testimony to President Monsons when he talked about obedience. Obedience leads to the Spirit and blessing from on high. 
I love this Gospel and I love Jesus Christ. D&C 6:20. The Lord knows us personally by name just like He knew Oliver, and He knows the desires of our hearts. He knows what we feel and what we need. This is what He tells us: to treasure up these words in our hearts. "Be faithful and diligent in keeping the commandments of God." If we are obedient and diligently keep the commandments then this is the promise that He will "encircle us in the arms of His love." That is one of the most beautiful blessings that I have ever heard.
I promise that this is a blessing we can all recieve.
I love you family! I hope things are going great! Best of luck with the water line and school and work back home.
            Love Elder Krstyen

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello Family! 4/1/2013

How's it going? I am sorry but this email might be a little shorter because I am pressed for time. This upcoming week we have zone conference in farmington on tuesday so that should be way sweet and then we have general conference next week! I am so excited for it. Today for p day we are planning on going to mesa verde I think so I'll take lots of pictures and send them back home. Tonight we are staying with the ap's so it will be good to see them again, they are awesome missionaries. I have learned a ton this past week. We had zone training on thursday. It went pretty well and we all learned a lot! Next week I will be sure to send some pictures home. :) I love hearing from all of you. oh by the way, on the blog make sure there is no info that is sensitive. In fact probably take any names or addresses or anything else like that out of the emails all together. This past week was pretty crazy. I went on exchanges up in Pagosa with our district leader Elder Waldo this past thursday/friday. He is a great guy. He went to byu before his mission as well. I have learned more in these past 2.5 months than I ever have before. This easter was great! Pagosa is more of a tourist town and so the ward is a lot smaller during the winter and now as more tourist come in there is a ton more people at church. They finally had to open the back room because the rows filled up pretty nicely. Even with all these extra people, there was probably only as many as there usually is back home. We had easter dinner last night with one of the less actives we have been working with. He had been less active for a long time and sometime in february he had a stroke and it changed his whole life. He asked us to give him a blessing and we did at the hospital and he slowly got better over the last transfer. He has been coming to church now as he has been getting better. He completely quit smoking. And then he said this yesterday as we ate dinner with our ward mission leader. I shared the scripture in D&C 76 that says "This is the testimony last of all which we give of him, That He lives." And I asked around the room to everyone what it meant to them that Jesus Christ lives. When we got to the less active man this is what he said. It was crazy amazing. :) He said, "Jesus Christ has brought a lot of peace into my life. I have ignored it in the past, but no more." It was amazing and the Spirit was so strong there. He also said that his testimony was stronger than it ever has been before. That was a great moment this past week mi familia.
I testify that Jesus Christ lives. He literally lives. He took all our sins upon him. Because he performed the atonement, He knows exactly what we are going through. In every moment of everyday he knows exactly how we feel. Because He performed the atonement he knows how to heal us. How to help us. He knows what we need. Because of the atonement if we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ then someday we will return to live with Heavenly Father. I know that this is His church and His work. I don't need signs or evidence because I know in my heart that this church is true. I know by the power of the Holy Ghost. Once again I add my testimony, That He lives. I love you family! I pray for all of you every night. Thanks for the prayers as well, they make a huge difference! 
                 Con Mi Amor, Elder Krstyen