Monday, March 25, 2013

Pagosa Springs 3/25/2013

Hey Family!!
How's it going? Things have been going pretty good this week out on the mission. I have learned a lot this week and I would say that I have grown a lot as well! Pagosa Springs is doing pretty well. Since it is starting to warm up the town is really starting to pick up, so we see a lot more people on the warm days. A lot of people have vacation houses out here because in a way it is more of a tourist town with the hot springs and mountains nearby. We usually get fed by the members pretty well out here, but on occasion when we don't have dinner we usually go to Mcdonalds or Tacobell or all those delicious places haha.. When you are really hungry, they are pretty good. And other times they aren't very good. We have finally hit the wind season in Pagosa, which makes some days freezing. We didn't get any storms but we got a lot of wind. On one of the days where we had a ton of wind, we decided to go out and do some good tracting. It was actually one of the best days of tracting so far because people were actually home because it was freezing outside. :)
This past week we had some exciting events happen! On our way back from our district meeting in Durango, probably about 20 miles from Pagosa one of our tires popped. We pulled over and put on the spare and fixed it all up. A member stopped and helped out as well. Apparently, the tire had a hole before and they plugged it, but the plug finally came out so the tire just popped. So needless to say, we are getting a new couple of tires down in Durango today. After that all happened, we went to dinner and during dinner someone called and left a voicemail. After the lesson I listened to it. It was a man from the ward who has the calmest voice ever. He doesn't show a ton of emotion when he speaks. The voicemail basically went like this in that super calm voice, "Hey Elders, umm this man wants to be baptized. Give me a call back when you can." I couldn't believe it haha... So I listened to it again. Hmmm the exact same thing. I got pretty excited and let Elder Soper listen to the voicemail as well. That was the most exciting thing that had happened thus far last week. Amazing and surprised, Elder Soper and I headed to go find out more about the situation. We are meeting with that man next week, so we will see what all happens :). We also had a super awesome lesson this week. In D&C 50 it talks about what we are ordained to do, "To preach His Gospel by His Spirit." The Spirit is so very important in this work. Without the Spirit, there is no work. In D&C 50:22 I think it talks about how when someone teaches by the Spirit and when someone recieves by the Spirit, "both are edified and rejoice together." This is one of the most beautiful moments in missionary work. This is when you know this is truly the Lord's work. Those moments are the ones you never want to end. At one of the ends of our lessons with one of our investigators who is going through a really hard time, we asked if we could all say a kneeling prayer. That night we all knelt in a small room and one by one each said a prayer. The Spirit was so strong. I wish I could always feel the Spirit that strong :).
I have loved hearing about all the mission calls and the farewells and how all my friends and buddys are doing. I am excited for all of them. I have been blessed with great friends! Here on my mission, if I can change just one persons life or help one person for the better then these whole two years are worth it. That is bold to say, but people are worth that. Heavenly Father loves His children. Every single person matters, especially to God.
Family, I love Jesus Christ. I know that He lives!! And I want to serve my Lord and my God. I want to be more diligent in keeping the commandments of God, and be more obedient. Obedience and diligence brings the Spirit, and that is missionary work. These past two weeks I have learned more about Faith than I ever have before in my life. It all starts with faith in Jesus Christ. This work has been one of the hardest experiences of my life, but I love it and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve here. I just want to do what He would have me do, and whatever that may be, I will do it. It's as simple as 1st Nephi 3:7, have faith and the Lord will help you accomplish His commandments. Miracles happen everyday, we just need to learn to be able to see them. The more I look around to see the hand of the Lord in my life, the more I know He is really there. I wish people could feel what I have felt and know the testimony I know. I hope to share that with them. I am excited for Easter! And so very excited for General Conference! What a blessing it is to have a Prophet here on the Earth today. I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, and I am excited to hear his counsel and direction this General Conference. In my personal study I am reading through the Book of Mormon. I love that book. I love the Scriptures and reading them brings the Spirit more fully into my life. "Search the Prophets." You will find truth there. This is the Lord's church! 
I love you all so much family!! I want the best for you! I hope things are going well. Keep praying and reading and going to church! There is power in these simple things! Talk to you next week!
                                  Love Elder Krstyen!!

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