Monday, February 25, 2013

Ya'at'eeh 2/25/2013

Hello mi familia!!
How are things back in the good old slc? Things have been going pretty well down here. I got the package this last week!! Thanks so much for everything in it! It was awesome to hear from everyone and the ipod and speaker and candy and everything is awesome! I've definitely enjoyed it this past week. It snows a lot up in pagosa springs but right now its pretty sunny right now, so basically its suuuuper muddy. It's been a pretty wonderful week. This church is so true, and Heavenly Father really does answer our prayers. Just some stories to show the truth of all these things.
Saturday night we didn't have dinner set up but we had an appointment set up with a less active family. We went over and visited with them for awhile. They seemed like they really didn't really want to talk about church or the gospel so we just got to really know them. Eventually they asked about dinner and offered to fed us that night. As we sat there, I prayed so hard that somehow or someway we could help this husband and wife come to church tomorrow. Dinner ended and almost surprisingly the man asked us if we had a spiritual thought we wanted to share, excitedly we share a little message with them. The night went on and and we talked a little more and we ended up leaving. Its amazing how as a missionary you love the people so much in such a short time. I felt a little bad because after all that, we didn't invite them to come to church. I don't know why, but it just didn't end up happening. After we got home I told Elder Soper that I would literally cry if they came to church the next day. Sunday came (it was stake conference and they just broadcasted it to the pagosa ward building) and we got out of our car and guess who was there... I was soooo excited!! It was great to see them there, but needless to say, I didn't cry haha. Something that man felt in his heart by the power of the Spirit helped him to decide to come to church. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers.
That new investigator I was talking about last week, David, is such an amazing man. We talk him three times in the past week. We invited him to be baptized on march 23 and he happily accepted. He has definitely been prepared. He has the greatest desire to change and follow Jesus Christ. Its amazing how both of his arms are all covered in tatoos, and I mean completely covered, and yet when I look at him all I see is him in white ready for baptism or for the temple. I'm not saying this to boast of myself, but to say how amazing Heavenly Father is! I'm trying to really see others at He sees them, and I know that it is only by him that that is possible. It is amazing to me how much Heavenly Father loves his children. He even gave his only begotten son!! (John 3:16) David ended up coming to church and really felt something there, something special. So far we have taught the 1st and 2nd lesson to him.
Well family, I love all of you! I hope things are going well. We only have two more weeks this transfer! (Time flies out here) More than likely I'll be staying here but we will see what happens!
Best of wishes this upcoming week!!
         Elder Scotty Lewisto Krstyen :)

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