Monday, February 25, 2013

Ya'at'eeh 2/25/2013

Hello mi familia!!
How are things back in the good old slc? Things have been going pretty well down here. I got the package this last week!! Thanks so much for everything in it! It was awesome to hear from everyone and the ipod and speaker and candy and everything is awesome! I've definitely enjoyed it this past week. It snows a lot up in pagosa springs but right now its pretty sunny right now, so basically its suuuuper muddy. It's been a pretty wonderful week. This church is so true, and Heavenly Father really does answer our prayers. Just some stories to show the truth of all these things.
Saturday night we didn't have dinner set up but we had an appointment set up with a less active family. We went over and visited with them for awhile. They seemed like they really didn't really want to talk about church or the gospel so we just got to really know them. Eventually they asked about dinner and offered to fed us that night. As we sat there, I prayed so hard that somehow or someway we could help this husband and wife come to church tomorrow. Dinner ended and almost surprisingly the man asked us if we had a spiritual thought we wanted to share, excitedly we share a little message with them. The night went on and and we talked a little more and we ended up leaving. Its amazing how as a missionary you love the people so much in such a short time. I felt a little bad because after all that, we didn't invite them to come to church. I don't know why, but it just didn't end up happening. After we got home I told Elder Soper that I would literally cry if they came to church the next day. Sunday came (it was stake conference and they just broadcasted it to the pagosa ward building) and we got out of our car and guess who was there... I was soooo excited!! It was great to see them there, but needless to say, I didn't cry haha. Something that man felt in his heart by the power of the Spirit helped him to decide to come to church. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers.
That new investigator I was talking about last week, David, is such an amazing man. We talk him three times in the past week. We invited him to be baptized on march 23 and he happily accepted. He has definitely been prepared. He has the greatest desire to change and follow Jesus Christ. Its amazing how both of his arms are all covered in tatoos, and I mean completely covered, and yet when I look at him all I see is him in white ready for baptism or for the temple. I'm not saying this to boast of myself, but to say how amazing Heavenly Father is! I'm trying to really see others at He sees them, and I know that it is only by him that that is possible. It is amazing to me how much Heavenly Father loves his children. He even gave his only begotten son!! (John 3:16) David ended up coming to church and really felt something there, something special. So far we have taught the 1st and 2nd lesson to him.
Well family, I love all of you! I hope things are going well. We only have two more weeks this transfer! (Time flies out here) More than likely I'll be staying here but we will see what happens!
Best of wishes this upcoming week!!
         Elder Scotty Lewisto Krstyen :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 2 In The Field! 2/18/2013

Hey Family!!
How have things been? Things are going pretty well down in Pagosa Springs! This week was pretty great, not that it didn't have its ups and downs but good things definitely happened. Elder Soper is a gospel stud and I'm thankful to be with him. Niether of us are perfect but we are definitely trying, and we may be simple but by "small and simple means the Lord brings to pass great things" Alma 37:6. This past week was pretty interesting. On p days basically we go play basketball with some of the other elders which is awesome. I love basketball more now than I ever have. 
The people here are amazing. They are kind and they have their struggles but they are truly amazing people. Let me share how yesterday was one of the greatest days so far. Saturday night Elder Soper and I decided to stop and get shakes. It was weird because both of us had that same thought at the same time and I said jokingly, "hmmm it must have been the spirit." We went to sonic and were waiting in the drive through when all of the sudden a cop call pulled up beside us. I rolled down my window. We were a little confused at what was going on. He basically didn't say to much he just gave us his card and told us to call his cell phone number on sunday when we weren't busy. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect when we called because we weren't sure why he wanted us to. So we went home a little suprised at what happened and finished up preparing for our talks that we gave yesterday. Sunday morning came and we went to ward council before church which went well, and then we gave our talks at sacrament at 9. We also blessed the sacrament because the ward is smaller. The talks went well, we both shared sincere testimony of what we knew and sat down. I definitely felt the Spirit, though I was still a bit nervous to give it. One of the members, his name is Brother Lane (he is a way good boxer his uncle boxed ali or something that like), brought a family to church that really wants to know more about the Church so we will be teaching them this week. Another man walked up to us and asked us if we would give his family the lessons (he's already a member but he wasn't too active before). Another sister walked up and invited us to come to her house sometime because she wanted us to talk to her husband about the gospel. We visited three other people after church who we had been trying to visit all week and were able to talk to them and set appointments. These things were all small and simple miracles that happened yesterday. But the most awesome one of all of them was when we call the police officer back. We found of that he was a less active man who hadn't been to church for a long time. I was soooooo nervous to call him, but I did and he expressed a desire to take the lessons again because "he had been avoiding church and felt that it was time to come back"!!! Elder Soper and I were so excited!!! Haha the Lord works in interesting ways: shakes at Sonic? If we hadn't have been there, who knows if he would have ever contacted us. Needless to say, yesterday was just one amazing day. This past week has been hard, our numbers weren't as good and we weren't as successful, but yesterday we was a great day. We are definitely hoping that this next week will be awesome!! 
A less active man in the ward had a stroke and they called us and asked us to give him a blessing. I felt the spirit so strong while we were in the hospital. He expressed to us how much he needed that blessing and how he wanted to quit smoking and come back to church. He is awesome, and I hope we can help him out a lot. 
I love missionary work. I love being able to bring the Spirit into peoples home and help them feel that peace and that comfort. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that He loves all the people here and all over. He makes it possible for us to return to our Father in Heaven. I know that Heavenly Father loves His children and that this Church is true. I know that Joseph Smith saw them as he prayed and through him the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored. I love the people here. It is amazing how you can meet someone and just love them. I am starting to have that happen more each day I'm here. I love all of you so much!! I pray for you every night (my testimony of the power of prayer has increased so much!!!!) I 'm grateful for you and for all the friends I've made. May the Lord continually bless you day by day! I ask you to continue doing the little things and then "be still, and know that [He] is God" (D&C 101 I think). Thanks for all the support and the birthday packages. For mail and packages and everything its definitely easier to do it through the mission home instead of my po box in pagosa. Love you family!!! I hope everything is going well!!
          Elder Scott Lewis Krstyen   

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pictures from Pagosa Springs!

First Week Out In The Field Cont...

Let me tell you a little about my week. Elder Soper and I were able to get a lot of referals, but we weren't able to contact very many of them. Friday for example, we had a list of 10 to 15 people to go see and not one person seemed to be home. But Saturday was a great day. We meet with two less actives and taught Sister Baldwin the restoration. We talked about a lot because she had a lot of questions. There's so much I wish I could say, but I'll end with this. I love you all so much. I pray for all of you everyday. I can't believe I've already been out a month in 5 days!! It flies by. ps I love hearing from all of you! Mom you can share my emails with the Clapiers and Healeys and whoever else. I'll tell you if I don't want you to share them. I sent some pictures of my district in the mtc and also my new comp. Feel free to ask me any questions :) . I love this Gospel. I love the Lord and this great work. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  I am becoming more and more converted to the Lord everyday.I know that my Redeemer lives. I love you all!! Talk to you soon!!!!

First Week Out In The Field 2/11/2013

Hello Family!!
How's it going?? Things are going pretty well out here in the field! Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes! I actually haven't got any mail yet because there is a slight delay because of transfers, but I'm sure I'll get it soon enough :). Alright, so monday morning we woke up at 2 am and prepared to head to the airport. We made it there and flew to denver and then to durango. (The plane from denver to durango was tiny so all 26 or 27 of us missionaries filled up the back. There was one man stuck in all the middle of us. I'm sure he loved it haha.)
We met President and Sister Batt at the airport and then went to the mission home in Farmington and stayed at members houses that night. By the way, President and Sister Batt are the coolest and most loving people ever. They are awesome. So then the next day we found out where we were going and who our trainers were. My trainer is Elder Mac D. Soper! He is from Indiana and he has been out about 6 months. He's a pretty awesome missionary. My first area is in Pagosa Springs, Colorado!! It's a beautiful place. It's one of the most north eastern parts of the mission. We cover a lot of the area around there. The people are really nice here. A lot of the people like to say no to us in the nicest ways, so we haven't had to many big rejections yet. Our ward mission leader is brother Greco. He is seriously awesome. (I might say that about a lot of the people here because its true) The first day in Pagosa we were able to meet with a less active man whose wife is another religion. She was really interested so we started to teach he the lessons and we have a return appointment this week with her. We get fed about every night which is always nice. We live in a nice little apartment.
It's been a great week, but let me say that it hasn't been without its struggles or hardships. In fact, this week has been tough. Missionary work is hard, but I find so much peace and strength from the Spirit as I pray and read my scriptures. A good example of how I feel right now about my ability as a missionary is this: The story of Jesus breaking all the bread and feeding the multitude. In one of those stories there is a young lad who tries to help by offering the few loaves of bread he has. The amount he offered surely could in no way feed the multitude but he offered anyway, and through the Lord those few loaves fed the multitude. This is how I feel here. Inadequate, weak, unprepared at times, and sometimes discouraged. But I still give the Lord everything I am, even though it may be little I try to give all that I can and by myself there is no way that is enough. But the Lord takes what little I have to give and multiplies it. It's an intimidating task to teach and lift others and invite them to come unto Christ, but with the Lord supporting me there is no obstacle to great. He has made me so much more than I am. He has helped me to represent him and be more like Him everyday. Let me quote for you a powerful statement, "I am called of God. My authority is above that of kings of the earth. By revelation I have been selected as a personally representative of the Lord, Jesus Christ. He is my master and He has chosen me to represent Him, to stand in His place, to say and do what He would say and do if he were personally administering to the very people to whom He has sent me. My voice is His voice, and my acts are His acts, my words are His words, my doctrine is His doctrine. My commision is to do what He wants done, to say what He wants said, and to be a living modern witness in word and deed of His great and marvelous latter-day work. How great is my calling!" -Elder Bruce R. McConkie .   
Being called as a missionary is a great calling. I love it though it is hard. I know that if I am obedient, then I will have the Spirit. I know if I am obedient and the Spirit is with me that I am doing His great work and that He supports me no matter how inadequate I may be.

Photos from the MTC

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Scott's Upcoming Birthday 2/9!!

Hey everyone,

I am putting a birthday package together for Scott, and if anyone wants to send me any birthday wishes they'd like to send him I will compile everyone's and put them in the package I am sending later this week!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Last Email in the MTC! 2/2/2013

Hello Family!!!

How's it going?? I hope it is going well! Things are going great here. I've been getting your dear elders and that has been working really well. I tried to attach pictures to this but I can't here, but I'll be able to in the field. It's been a wonderful week! Hard but great! The people I saw this week included brooks jeppson who is in my zone and I taught him. I also saw spencer hanson from soccer and got a picture with him. I see taylor combs and ammon ashton daily and I have seen shaun johnson and the leathems a ton. I also recognize a ton of people from byu here as well. Hmmm this is pretty crazy! I can't believe I'm already leaving the mtc on monday. On monday we have to report to the travel office at 4:00 am and then our flight leaves to denver at 7:30: to about 9 and then we have an hour layover and our next flight from denver to durango is from about 10 to 11 or so. So i'll either be calling before 7:30 or during the layover from9 to 10 or both. We'll see how things go :). We had some interesting things happen this week. The elder who broke his arm has an infection in his ankle and had to go to the er this week so he is pretty wore out. He has to stay here two more weeks so he isn't super excited about that. He is happy though and we have been able to give him a couple priesthood blessing which has helped him a ton! Priesthood power is so real and powerful. My testimony of the savior has grown this week. I know Jesus Christ suffered for the sins of the world and made a way for me, though weak, to be able to return to Him and my Heavenly Father. My testimony has grown so much since I've been here. It's amazing the changes that occur when you are at the Lords work!! I am soooo weak and not a good teacher at all but when you teach with the Spirit and work by his power with your faith, there can be miracles. Faith leads to actions which leads to miracles. If fact, miracles are literally the natural result of the correct applicatuion of true principles. 
I hope all of you are doing alright and I love you all so much. I love the letters and hearing about all of you. Mom I got the package, thanks for everything in it. I just want to tell my friends how much I care about them too. I hope they are doing well. I'll be honest missionary work is hard. Sometimes I get sooo discouraged but I know that this is where I need to be. I know the Lord can make a lot more out of me than I ever could. John 3:16. That's how much He loves us. That's how much He cares. And that is why this work is so important!! Every person matters and every one needs to know who they are and why they are here and where we are going, so Missionaries share that with love. I am excited to go out into the field! I'm nervous too but i'm ready for it! Wish me luck. I'll be sending those pictures once I get in the field. One of the best things about the mtc is the devotionals. The speakers are so powerful. This mission isn't about me. It's really not, but it's about those people I'm going out to serve, and I pray everyday that I will be ready when the Lord needs me to help someone. I love you family, soooooo much. I pray for you all each day and I really hope things are well for you. Stay close to Heavenly Father! :) Best of wishes till next week!!
                 Elder Scotty Lewis Krstyen