Monday, December 16, 2013

Messiah 12/16/2013

Sorry I don't have too much time to write, but this week was kinda a crazy week. We had the Messiah concert last night and it went well. Out hot water unthawed to that was good. I went on exchanges down to Escrito and those went well. They have really good missionaries down there. I hope all of you are doing well and that you have a great holiday season!!

Elder Krstyen

Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Mark! 12/9/2013

Hey family!
Happy Birthday Mark on the 12th!! I sent a package your way for you and mom for your birthdays! I hope you both have fantastic birthdays!
Thanks for sending the long johns so quick, they fit like a glove. Perfect.
Thanks for sending your letters. Don't feel a need to send them every week, that would be a ton of stamps. You could send them every other week or even send them together if you like. But thank you for sending those.
It has been pretty chilly around here lately, we finally got some snowfall. We have been staying warm though. Unfortunately this morning we went down stairs and tried the water in the bathroom and the hot water pipe is frozen. We had dripped the water a few days before but didn't last night and I guess well have to fix that. Needless to say, the cold water still worked but neither of us wanted to take freezing showers haha. The irony in it all is that the hot water in the kitchen still works fine.
The church building we go to is in aztec and is up on a hill. On Sunday the hill was really icy and there was a lot of cars that couldn't make it up. They had to get a plow to drop dirt/sand down so people could make it up to hill to church. It was very eventful. Church only started about 20 minutes late so that was good.
This past week I went on exchanges back to Aztec 1st Ward with Elder Jamison. It was kinda weird to go back and do missionary work in my past area. We went and gave service at a nursing home. It was a great experience for me, there was a lot of good people there. Tonight I am going on exchanges down to Escrito. Should be good. I'll let you know how it goes.
Well I love all of you guys and I hope you have a great week! Stay warm up in SLC!
Love, Elder Scott Krstyen

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving! 12/2/2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope all of you were stuffed. 

Thank you so much for the packages!! They are awesome and I am grateful for them. On a mission a package or a letter are amazing. Thanks for all you do for me. 

On thanksgiving we went to 4 different places. (The people around here are very kind) We dinner at 2 of them and desert at two of them. It was delicious. I miss you guys a ton though. Just the holiday season makes me think of you guys and all the fun times. (Even though probably most of the thanksgivings I was at a soccer tourny haha but those were good times too) It'lll be sweet to talk to you on Christmas day. I hope the holidays are great for you and aren't to crazy either! 

Yesterday at dinner we helped a family put up their christmas tree, just like old times! Have you guys put up the tree yet or is that a work in progress? I am also excited for Christmas to see all the presents Santa brings me, it'll be good :) . 

A cool experience this week was a lesson we had with a family up here. We walked up onto crouch mesa to go to an appointment. It was on the otherside of the mesa so it took us almost 45 minutes to get there. We got there and taught this family about the Plan of Salvation. They had a lot of questions, but it really went well. Haha I don't know how to describe it, you just would of had to be there. The Plan of Salvation just really can bring a lot more peace and purpose into our lives. I teach these lessons and some I have taught multiple times, but there is something new you always learn it seems. Something that sticks out more to you or touches you more powerfully. The scriptures are the same way. Sometimes I catch myself thinking, oh I have read this a bunch and there isn't anything else I can learn from it. Yep... I am starting to think that is not true at all. In the scriptures, the doctrine, the hymns, there is always more to learn. The Holy Ghost can help us learn or realize just what we need when we need it, if we just have the faith to pray for guidance, open the scriptures and look inside, and patiently continue onward doing what is right, and then in God's own way and time He will answer us. I really believe that. Haha sometimes it is just harder to put into action, at least in my life that is.

None of the people we are teaching made it out to church this week. They are just missing out on some good blessings. Sitting there in Sacrament I had a realization personally. I had heard this before. I knew it, but this time I understood it better. I was thinking about change. We can always change. Whenever I think, "I can't do this or that" or "I am just this way" or basically whenever I say I can't change, that something about me is set in stone. I really am limiting myself. We should try to change those thoughts into "I can" I can try" Things maybe were a way in the past but they don't need to be that way in the future. The adversary would have us define ourselves by our sins.... and quite frankly the only way we can define ourselves is as Son's and Daughter's of God. And with that definition our potential is unlimited. Change is always possible. Especially with the Atonement! I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Hopefully that last part made sense! Love You!!

Elder Krstyen

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving 11/25/2013

Happy Thanksgiving!
Oh man an hour to email is not enough time. Thanks for sending all the emails you guys do. I love reading them. I know this might be a lot to ask and if it is no worries, but even if you could write me or tyoe your emails and then send them to me that would be awesome cause I could read them through the week and then write you back. This has been a pretty good week. We finally find another man to teach. I am excited for this man, he has been through a lot and doesn't know how he feels about God but I know this will help him if he lets it do so.
I literally have no time... haha my bad on that. I will do better next week. I am grateful to hear about what is going on in your lives as well. Missionary work is work but a blessing as well. I am learning a ton out here.
We knocked some doors this week and met some awesome people. We go up a lot onto Crouch Mesa. We have to really watch our miles and plan our day. We usually only have about 25 miles a day. We walk a lot. My coat from Mr. Mac has been coming in handy so thanks for that. This week we had interviews and that went well. I will try to send some pictures next week, but I am not sure if we can here but I'll try. Good things happen in a lot of little ways. Love you family. I hope all is well with you. I am excited to talk to you on Christmas! Have a great thanksgiving! I think we are eating with some members around here so it will be good! Have a great week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, November 18, 2013

Transfers 11/18/2013

Hey family,
Tomorrow is transfer day, luckily I am staying put with Elder Chipman for another transfer. He is a good companion.
We had Stake Conference this week, and it went really well besides not having any investigators there. One of the men that spoke reminded me of Matt Healey, funny and just solid in the Gospel.
We are planning on writing letters today, getting haircuts, shopping, and then going to the church for the rest of P-Day.
Haha I need to pre-plan my emails so I know what to write without having to think a lot about it cause I am running shorter on time.
Hopefully we can start finding and teaching more, and just sharing the Gospel more in whatever way we can. There are lots of opportunities to serve others and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Look for them and bless others. Love you guys. Hope you have a great week! I promise I will write more next week.
Love you! Elder Krstyen

Monday, November 11, 2013

Transfer Week 11/11/2013

Hey Family,
Just the start of my second week in Flora Vista. It is a good place with a good ward. I will have to take pictures of our home to show to you guys, it is pretty sweet, cottage little home thing. The first few nights here it was pretty cold at night but I got a bunch of blankets from the zone leaders and the heater is going so it is really good now. The members feed us a lot here and for breakfast and lunch we usually cook for ourselves and I usually have either oatmeal or pasta or pb and j sandwiches, and sometimes other stuff as well. We have some mice haha so we are getting some mouse traps today.
In the Flora Vista ward we are also singing in the choir to help out there, (I am not sure how good of help I am because I am not to good at singing haha), and also we are singing in a basically stake/community choir (the Stake President here wanted the missionaires to participate in it) and we are doing some songs from Handel's Messiah. It is a good experience, and hopefully we can also meet some new people there as well.
This week we had some awesome lessons on the Atonement. We also watched a video of a talk by Elder Eyring and Elder Holland. This is Elder Hollands talk to mission presidents. He says something along these lines... "On occassion your missionaries will have the chance to ask, why is this so hard?" I think that really applies to all of us in life, why is this so hard?... He talks about how this isn't church doctrine or anything but just his personal opinion and says, "Because salvation is not a cheap experience." It was never easy for the Savior so why would it be super easy for us if we really profess to be disciples of Christ. Elder Holland talks about how, in a way, the Savior asked that a long time ago when he said, "Father, if thou be willing remove this cup from me, but nevertheless not my will but thine be done." Life may, at times, be hard but the Savior and His Atonement can heal and lift and inspire through anytime. It just helps me remember that when I say, "Why is this so hard?", I can remember that the Savior knows exactly how I feel and how to help me through the trials of life. This really is Jesus Christ's church. His love is real.
I am super sorry I can't write all of you back. Thanks for all the great emails. I enjoyed all of them. I hope you have a fantastic week.
Love Elder Scott Krstyen

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 11/4/2013

Hey family,
So this week was a crazy week to say the least, but a good one. The church had a halloween party, trunk or treat type of thing and that went really well. There was a ton of people there. It included all the three wards that go to that church, Aztec 1st and 2nd and Flora Vista. We tried to go out and visit people for most of that day but I think or one or so people opened the door. Aztec 1st is a great place with a great ward as well. About halfway through the week as I was talking to President Batt he asked if i would transfer over to the Flora Vista ward. One of the Elders there, who is an amazing Elder and a great person as well, had some heart problems and ended up having to go up to Salt Lake to figure everything out. I think he is doing alright, I am sad that he had to go though. So I ended up getting transfered over to Flora Vista with Elder Chipman on Friday. Elder Chipman is from West Jordan so not too far from home. He played soccer in highschool, he is pretty awesome, and he is a marine as well. He is a great missionary. We live in a small sorta side home thing. It is a good place. It was weird to see everyone else from the other ward at church. Flora Vista has a great ward and a pretty good area. Hopefully some good things happen here. On a side note, I am excited for the November issue of the Ensign to come out so I can read all the General Conference talks.
This week we watched "On the Lord's Errand." It is a movie that talks about the life of President Monson. It is inspiring, I would suggest that if you haven't seen it that you should. One of the main messages that really struck me was how when President Monson received a prompting from the Spirit he would act on it. I want to try to become that way. To listen to the Spirit and act on the promptings I receive.
Well family I hope you had a great halloween and are doing well! I will talk to you later! Have a great week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, October 28, 2013


Hey Family,
I am in Aztec, NM, it is east of farmington. I am with Elder Jamison and Elder Tolman, they are both zone leaders. Elder Jamison has been out almost 2 years and Elder Tolman has been out a little bit over a year. Both of them are great missionaries and great sincere people. I am grateful to be with them. We have a truck and cover aztec 1st ward. I am learning a lot from them.
This week there was some pretty special experiences. Both my companions are amazing missionaries. We were leaving the apartment with a pray that Elder Jamison was giving. He has almost finished his prayer when he paused and then asked that we could find someone to teach who was prepared. He ended the prayer. We walked outside and one of our neighbors was outside sitting in his car. Elder Jamison went aside and went over and started to talk to him. After a little conversation the man told us that he would like us to share a lesson with him sometime. We are meeting with him later today so we will see how it all goes, hopefully well. That prayer, in a way was answered really fast. Some answers to some prayers come immediately, some come quick, some come later, and some don't come for a long time, some don't seem like they ever come, and some don't come till the next life, but they do come, if it is in Christ's name and according to God's will. Often for me, the blessings come but I completely miss them because I don't take the time to look for them or recognize them. I am going to try to do better at recognizing those blessings. Well I hope that you all have a great week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, October 21, 2013


Hey Family,
I got moved up to Aztec so now I am with Elder Jamison and Elder Tolman. I don't have too much time to email, but I hope you are doing well! Have a good week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, October 14, 2013

Farewell 10/14/2013

This week we had a "farewell" for a man named Alan here. We have been taking us out with him and we are excited for him. He enters the MTC on Wednesday.
We went and tracted a little in Oak Springs. The first thing an older lady said to us was... I am Catholic so don't talk to me about your religion. So then we just started talking to her and she opened up to us. She at least took our phone number which was better than not talking to her at all. Those TTI's are the worst. "Hi, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Have you ever talked to missionaries before? Yeah? Well would it be alright if we came by and talked to you guys about Jesus Christ? No? Okay, well have a good day." I have done that a lot on my mission. It really isn't sincere.
This area is slower but we still find some people to talk to. We cover Lupton down to Jones Ranch, Manulito, Oak Springs, and about to the Allentown exit. We teach the active members along with others. We have been trying to get the area going by having more activities like a sports night, book of mormon stufy, we are planning on doing a pumpkin carving  activity for Haloween so it should be good. We were in the hall when they announced the Pumpkin Carving activity and we heard in the Sacrament room someone go, "Woooo!!!" Haha some one is either really excite for that or else it wasn't related. Elder Ika is back home which is crazy. We miss him.
Well love you guys, hope you are doing well! Have the best week.
Elder Krstyen

Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference! 10/7/2013

General Conference was pretty exciting this weekend. I tried to take some good notes on it. Usually I take "Large Plate" notes instead of "Small Plate" notes. Usually I try to write down everything they say but this time I tried to write done what I learned or what came to my mind. Even as I wrote down my thoughts when I listened to Elder Bednars talk on tithing, thoughts pertaining to me personally and nothing really to tithing came to my mind. Those thoughts were some things I needed to understand and realize personally. They had nothing to do with tithing. I feel like that is just another example of how when we ask for revelation or answers from God we usually don't receive that answer when we are kneeling but rather when we are acting. I received some of those ideas as I exercised my faith to take notes on Elder Bednar's talk, and it was while I was acting that the answers seemed to come.
It is the same as when I first feel like I received a witness that the Book of Mormon was something good. In Junior High I would read it every once in a while. I wasn't very consistent, but when times got hard when I was in Junior High, I would read a little out of the scriptures and I found comfort. I remember one day along the line that I felt that the Book of Mormon was something good. It came as I read it, I realized that my testimony of the Book of Mormon had slowly been growing inside me all the time and now I finally realized that it was a true, good book. Testimony comes in action. (John 7:17)
I think sometimes in my emails I try to make myself look super spiritual or better than I am. I am nothing. I am not very spiritual. I am sorry if all my emails look really prideful. Sometimes I feel that way and I don't want it to be that way. I am trying to not share these things to try to impress all of you but I am trying to share them with all of you that maybe it will help one of you in some way. Sometimes I feel like many things I say are to be seen of other people, and that is pride. I don't want to be that way anymore. These things are just some things I have learned. I have a lot of weaknesses and struggles, but what matters more than all that is Jesus Christ. He matters.
I love all of you guys. I hope that you all received something from General Conference that can help you. If you didn't yet go back again and listen and find what God wants you to hear. That is what I am going to do. Hear it and then do it. Have a great week!
Skat Krstyen

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hey Family 9/30/2013

Pretty slow week here. I hope you guys are doing well! I don't have too much time so this will be short cause this is Elder Ika's last P-Day so we are gonna go play basketball and stuff.
I am glad you guys got the card. To answer some of the ?'s , basically it was half the mission that went to Snowflake and the other half to Monticello. We will probably go to Gallup to watch conference. I am excited for that. Definitely something to look forward to. I encourage all of you to watch it! Living in a trailer is going prett good. I like it. We email here at the church in Lupton. It gets kinda confusing sometimes around here but we usually can find our way around.
This weekend is also transfers so we will see what happens. Elder Ika is going home (thats crazy) so I don't really know what will happen.
Love you guys! Have a good week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, September 23, 2013

Temple 9/23/2013

Hey Family,
This one might have to be a little short but I'll tell you a little about my week.
This week was a slower week but still a good one. I went on exchanges to Gallup this week and we knocked doors all day on thursday. It was pretty good, we had a lot of people shut the door in our face and also we had some people we talked to a little bit and they invited us back. All and all a pretty good exchange.
Lupton is still good old Lupton. It is interesting because their isn't too much but I-40 passes right through here so I don't feel too far away from anything, we are only about 30 mins from Gallup anyway. This Saturday we had a baptism for an 8 year old here named Sage up in Gallup. His family wanted to do the baptism and then also a potluck and a volleyball night, so we did all that on Saturday. It was a great experience and everything went well.
This morning we were able to go to the Snowflake AZ temple which was good. It has been over nine months since I have been to the temple and I wish that I could go more often there. We woke up real early this morning and then just barely got back, and we still need to shop and stuff. It was a good trip.
Have a good week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, September 16, 2013


Hey Family,
Hope things are going well for you! This has been a super slow week so not too much has happened and I don't have too much time so I have to keep this short, but next week we are going to the temple so I am excited for that! General Conference is also coming up so get excited for that! I am looking forward to it. I am glad to hear from all of you and I hope that things are going well for you guys!
         Elder Krstyen

Monday, September 9, 2013


    So this week was a pretty slow week, but still a good one! We had around 40 at church and we saw some new faces so that was pretty exciting. This week my companions and I talked in church. It was a little impromptu because they asked us to talk 20 minutes before it started but it still went pretty well. Elder Phillips talked about how he gained his own testimony and how everyone should gain that testimony. I talked about that parable that I really like about the "pearl of great price" in Matthew 13 and how we should try to mak time for reading, praying, and going to church. Elder Ika talked about how the Gospel helps us and about testimony a little too and he ended up at the end bearing his testimony in Navajo. It was pretty awesome, haha someone in the back behind us started clapping when he finished and then their parent promptly stopped them. I couldn't help but smile a little bit.
    Tonight we are going on exchanges with the zone leaders so that should be pretty fun. I think I will probably stay here but I don't know the area too well and there aren't road names so basically it will be quite the guessing game for sure.
    Two quotes I read this week that relate to prayer that i really like go like this, "God is greater than your greatest need." And "It is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart in prayer." I really like both of these and I really think they are true. The first one shows how no matter how big your worries or concerns when you pray, don't forget that you are talking to God, your loving Heavenly Father and that He knows everything. He knows how to fix your problems and what you need. He can make any miracle happen if it so be His will to do so. So I have learned and want to try to apply that when I pray I need to remember to ask for help with my worries and concerns, but to always remember first and foremost that I am talking to God and that He will help me if I let Him. I can't do anything, but with His help if I sincerely want it and if I sincerely turn to Him then miracles can happen. There just has to be faith and trust first. I need to work more on these things.
    And then the second one, I have found that all too often my prayers become repetitive and lack sincerity. They seem to become a hassle and a burden. This isn't what prayer is supposed to be. Prayer is supposed to be meaningful and healing. Prayer is supposed to be talking with our Heavenly Father. I find it interesting that in Alma 37:37 it doesn't say, "Counsel 'at' the Lord in all thy doings" or "'Recieve' counsel from the Lord in all thy doings" but it says "Counsel 'with' the Lord in all thy doings" To counsel with God literally means to talk to Him. Not at Him but to talk with Him just like you would another person. Talk to Him but then take the time to listen. How can I recieve His guidance if I don't listen? This is something I have been trying to do, is to make sure my prayers have meaning and my words have meaning from my heart and also to try to listen when I pray. It is so hard to do but I believe it is important to listen for that guidance, for that revelation. These are some things I am working on and I have a ton to work on. Thanks for all the emails, they mean a lot to me. Love you guys!
Elder Scott Krstyen

Monday, September 2, 2013

Lupton 9/2/2013

Hey so this week has been quite the week.
Let's see... I rode out to Farmington and then down to Lupton on the transfer van on Tuesday. I meet up with my two new comps in Gallup and now I am over in Lupton. I am in a tricompanionship with Elder Ika and Elder Phillips. Elder Ika has been out 23 months and Elder Phillips came out the same time as me but we didn't know each other too well because we were in different zones in the mtc. Down here we live in a trailer by the church and the whole property is fenced in. I got here and actually didn't have a bed so I slept on the couch for a couple nights but I got my bed on Saturday so that was sweet. We also found out that we had a mouse so we have been trying get him. Finally one night all of us were up and the mouse came out and we were throwing everything we could at it. It took us a long time but finally I threw a shoe and knocked him out so all is well now in our humble abode.
There is not really too much out here. It is still an awesome place but missionary work here is way different than what I am used to. I am used to the city where we could tract a lot, but here if we tracted then we would have talked to everyone in less than two or three weeks, so we try to mostly just work of referrals as much as we can. People are a lot more receptive to us that way.
Yesterday we had 35 at church which was pretty good. Church went well. They only have 2 hour church here so that is a lot different too. The Branch President lives over in Gallup and drives in and the same with the 1st Counselor I think. I am pretty sure he lives closer by Sanders, but he is called to serve here in this Branch.
We are probably going to go play basketball in Gallup today and then go to Walmart to get some supplies. We get fed about half the time out here by some pretty amazing people. I am grateful they are willing to fed three hungry missionaries.
There are a lot of less active members out here. Many people went on the Placement Program and so they were baptized when they were younger. Some benefited from that a lot and others did not. Many people that are baptized have little knowledge abut the Gospel and they don't really have a testimony just yet. The Native Americans do have incredible faith though. Lots of them pray a lot, but many don't read or go to church for one reason or another. They are amazing though, they are just missing out on some of the blessing that come from reading and going to church.
Well I hope you guys are doing well! I am here for ya and I know you are here for me as well. Have a great week!
Elder Krstyen
"The only way to fail with Christ is to quit."

Monday, August 26, 2013


Hey Family!
This week we went on exchanges with the zone leaders up here in Page. It was a pretty awesome experience. We were able to get a lot done here and meet a lot of people. I was with Elder Christiansen, and we taught the Plan of Salvation to a recent convert who is working towards getting the Priesthood. He had a lot of great insights and he also drew the plan of salvation out as we talked about it. It is amazing what you can learn from the more experienced missionaries and the younger ones as well. Everyone has their own insights and their own personal experience. Our mission in the past 7.5 months has gotten a ton of new missionaries (probably 110 or something like that) so we now have over our alloted amount of missionaries and a ton of new missionaries as well. This past week we had a mission tour where we drove to Chinle and then Elder Paul B. Pieper spoked to us. I believe he is in the first quorum of the seventy. It was an amazing experience, he taught us a lot about receiving revelation and how to find answers to the questions we have and how we can better work with the ward. At the end he gave his testimony of Jesus Christ. It was pretty powerful. The mission tour was awesome.
It sounds like your trip was sweet haha. You basically covered the top half of the mission mostly. I know Valley because we had dinner over at her house twice I think. That must have been fun driving all around and seeing Mesa Verde, Chimney Rock, the Hot Springs, and all around Farmington.
Oh by the way, I kinda forgot to tell all of you but tomorrow is transfers and so we got transfer newson Saturday. As you know we cover 1st and 5th ward here. My companion Elder Griener is going to be staying here training and cover 1st ward and there are going to be seperate missionaries over 5th ward. Elder Griener is going to be a great trainer, I have learned a ton for him and I am excited for him. Sooooo.... I am headed out pretty far away haha. Leaving areas is always a bummer. It is bittersweet because you will miss all the people you were close too. And at the same time you know the Lord wants you in the next area. I am going to Lupton, Arizona. Haha yes I didn't know where it was either when I heard of it. It is West of Gallup probably 30 minutes down by I-40 out on the rez. I have heard a little bit about it and it sounds like a small town 500 to 600 peoples and a really small branch, maybe 25 or so members from what I have heard. I am going to be companions with Elder Ika and Elder Phillips.... I think. I have met one of them once but I really don't know too much about them, so I guess I'll find out. I am sad to leave but excited to go there. Should be an adventure for sure.
There is one scripture I want to share with you guys. Ezekiel 36:36 (You have to read the whole chapter to get everything out of it) but this scripture holds a beautiful promise. The Lord builds the "ruined places" and "plants the desolate places." He doesn't take only the really great people or the "churchy" people or the "spiritual" people and build them up and make their lives great. He literally takes the broken, the discouraged, the lost, the alone, the "unspiritual" and the "unchurchy" and changes everything if they will soften their heart and come unto Christ. Christ, through the Atonement He performed can change lives and change people. This Gospel and Christs Atonement is not just about some people, it is about all people. It is about every single person that has walked this Earth. Christ takes the people who have "ruined cities" and "waste lands" (I am pretty sure this includes all of us) and builds them and changes them in miraculous ways, if they come unto Him. He takes the sinner (which is all of us) and heals them, if they come unto Him. Christ isn't about some people, He is about all people.
One last quote I wanted to share. I heard it awhile ago and I really like it. I am not sure who said it first but ..... "The only way to fail with Christ is to quit." Literally that is the only way. No matter how far we think we are or how hard things get, "the only way to fail with Christ is to quit." Don't ever quit. Keep going, just one small step after another, little by little, following the Savior. Keep on keepin on.
Elder Scott Krstyen

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stake Conference 8/19/2013

So this weekend was Stake Conference. It was pretty awesome. We heard our Mission President and his wife and the St. George Temple President and his wife and then the Stake President speak. It was an awesome experience. The Temple President and his wife talked about how "CTR" stands for Choose the Right for younger fellows and how "CTR" can also stand for Current Temple Recommend for those who are older. I really have a testimony of the temple. I miss it so much. I wish I could go there more often on my mission, I think we are going in September, but it will just make the experience that much better.
This week I went on an exchange to Kaibeto. Kaibeto is out on the rez about 45 minutes from page. It is where my trainer Elder Soper was trained and so I have heard a ton about Kaibeto. It is a pretty wonderful place. It is super peaceful out there and there is definitely great people out there.
Thank you so much for all the emails and letters and everything. You really don't know the difference they make in my life. It is great to hear from you guys. Thanks for sending me the stuff I asked for as well! I am looking forward to it. Haha have fun on your trip and good luck with school and work. Thanks for all the emails, sorry I can't write back to all of them right away, but be assured that I am reading them and they do make a difference.
Love you!
Elder Krstyen

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This week we actually ended up going to three different wards, and the talks in all the Sacrament meetings were pretty good. A newly called High Council man spoke for the first time. He talked about preparing for Stake Conference (which is next week here) and how we can get a lot out of Stake Conference. This next week the St. George Temple President will be here and President Batt our mission president, so it should be quite the spiritual experience. Tomorrow we have interviews with the Mission President and then transfers in two weeks so we will see what happens with that haha.
About three weeks ago we met a younger lady named Kate. She has the strongest testimony ever. She has really seen the Gospel bless her life and she reads and prays. Her testimony has strengthened my testimony. She wants to be baptized, then make that covanent and be able to have the Spirit with her always, and she is planning to be baptized next week. My companion and I are way excited for her!
There are a ton of good people here. People that care about the Savior and follow Him sincerely.
Just like it says in Matthew (which I can't find it right now) I feel like I have found the Pearl of Great Price and now I just need to give up all to obtain it. These things really matter: family, the Gospel, the Savior, and all of us individually and importantly living the Gospel and returning back to Heavenly Father one day. These things matter. This is the Pearl of Great Price, I honestly belive it is. I just need to do all I can to obtain it.
Talk to you next week!!
E. Scott Krstyen

Monday, August 5, 2013

Pictures 8/5/2013

Hey family I don't have much time so I'll send ya some pictures real quick
Love ya guys!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, July 29, 2013

Rain Storms... 7/29/2013

Hey Family!
Sorry we are short on time so this email might not be as long. Things are going pretty well down here in Page. This last week was pretty long and hard but some good things happened. Yesterday as we were riding our bikes back from church it started raining like crazy haha our suits were soaked inside and out. We had to stop at the gas station and call the other Elders to get a ride. Considering how warm it is here the rain feels nice whenever we can get it though.
There are some amzing people here. The Gospel has really blessed their lives and they have seen the hand of the Lord in their life. They have such strong faith and such strong testimonies, very much stronger than mine. It amazes me what people are able to do with Jesus Christ helping them, guiding them every step of the way.
Sorry its short but I hope you guys have a great week!
Elder Krstyen

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hey Family!
I don't have a ton of time to email this week but I'll try to write down some good things that happened.
Page is as good as it always is. It's Monsoon season here so every once in a while we get a lot of rain here. Haha one day we were completely soaked riding around and the streets had rivers running down them. Compared to the hot weather it was pretty nice to cool off in the rain. Today for P Day we actually got to go down to the Glen Canyon Dam and take a tour. I was trying to think of all the times I have been to the visitor center for our soccer trips and vacations. We actually got to go all over the dam and down into it and then down and out on the very bottom which was awesome! I took so sweet pictures so I'll try to send some home. They as we were driving to email someone called us and asked if we would help them move in and we were glad to do so. Charity definitely is the pure love of Christ. I am grateful for opportunities like that.
This week went pretty well. The people here are awesome! I wish I could do more work here, I guess I just need to work harder. I want to share an experience a little while back about a man who was talking to us about Alma 32. That chapter talks a lot about Faith and how our Faith will grow into a great tree as we let it grow. But before it talks about all that it talks about humility.
It talks about how the people were thrown out of their synagoges and were compelled to be humble because of their exceeding poverty. Alma then states that they are blessed because they are compelled to be humble but how much more blessed are those who "truly humble themselves" with out having some great trial or challenge to humble them. The man who talked about this chapter talked about how much better he realized life was when he realized he didn't need hard trials to constantly humble him, but rather he could humble himself and try to stay humble. How much better is life when we can stay humble as we humble ourselves and constantly listen to the voice of the Lord. I definitely need to work on this. Humbling myself so I can be a better disciple and so I can be a better servant of the Lord.
Love you family! Sorry to keep it short! Have a great week!!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, July 15, 2013

Transfers.... 7/15/2013

Hey family!
Sorry my email took so long to send last week. I guess all of our emails got delayed a couple of days, so I hope they all sent. This week has been a pretty crazy week. Just how transfer weeks go usually.
Lots has happened this week. So we got our transfer call.... and I am going to Tec Nos Pos. Its gonna be absolutely crazy! Haha we will see what happens.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ has come to mean so much more to me on my mission. The Gospel is how we are able to truly receive the blessings of Jesus Christ's atonement in our life.
This week we were going around trying to contact some of our investigators, and we decided to go visit one of our Bishops. We knocked and no one was there, but as we knocked there his neighbors pulled in and asked if we would help them move some stuff. We talked to them and were able to help them move and they want us to come back again. Little moments like that just add to my testimony of charity.
I want to talk a little bit about this quote from President Utchdorf in General Conference in his talk "Four Titles":
"Brethren, discipleship is a lifelong journey following our Savior. Along our metaphorical path from Bethlehem to Golgotha, we will have many opportunities to abandon our journey. At times it will seem that the path requires more than we had wished for. But as men of the priesthood, we must have the courage to follow our Redeemer, even when our cross seems too heavy to bear. With every step we take following the Son of God, we may be reminded that we are not perfect yet. But let us be steadfast and constant disciples. Let us not give up. Let us be true to our covenants. Let us never lose sight of our Advocate and Redeemer as we walk toward Him, one imperfect step after another."
There is a lot insight in this quote but I just want to focus on the last five words... "One imperfect step after another." I have definitely learned a lot about this concept on my mission. When we try to do good or try to do what is right sometimes we fall short of what we aimed to do. Sometimes we forget that the only perfect person on this Earth was the Savior. So as we try to do what we know is right, as we try to keep the commandments of God, we will be trying to follow our Savior one imperfect step after another . The Savior doesn't demand quick perfection from us, but rather, just like President Utchdorf says, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father encourage, love, and are proud of every simple, weak, imperfect step we take in the right way, following our Savior. I know this is true.
Oh and by the way.... I was just kidding! I am staying in Page another transfer with Elder Griener!! I am way excited. Should be fun. :)
Well family I love you all and hope things are going well. Thanks for everything you do for me, prayers and emails and support. It means a lot to me. Talk to ya next week!
Elder Krstyen

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Independence Day! 7/9/2013

Hmmm it seems like just yesterday I was with the scouts lifting the flag up at the church. Haha times flies by.
How are you guys? This week has been a pretty crazy week. Lots has happened. On P Days usually we go and email at the community center and then we try to get out and do stuff. We have done a lot of hiking. This morning we actually went over to upper antelope canyon and had a tour there. It was beautiful! The other people with us were actually from the Czech Republic so I was talking to them a little as well. We usual try to go out and hike because it is beautiful here and super hot. We usually go to Walmart and then play basketball or soccer.
Well this week we had a bike crash. It rained a little bit after church and my companion turned a little bit too fast and slid out and crashed... He was alright just a little bruised but we decided to keep going to our appointment and the appointment went well.
This Saturday is also transfer news day, so we will see what happens. More than likely I will be staying here but I guess anything can happen.
On the fourth we really didn't do too much but it was a fun day! In the morning we went to an a Museum type place where this man talked about the Native American traditions and also about the culture as well. He taught us about the Hogans too. Pretty awesome stuff. That was an awesome experience! Then at night we sat at our house and watched the firework show, which was pretty good as well. Then this past friday we had a zone conference as well.
We had some really cool experiences this week. We had three lessons with an awesome family . I really felt the Spirit as we talked about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. We also taught another part member family (where the nonmember is traditional), who I honestly thought at first was not very interested, but as we spoke about the Book of Mormon, the husband said that the traditions had been good for his family. That they had helped him and them, and that if this book helped his family as he read and prayed about it that help would continue to read it and search. I know if he does read it and pray about it, that it will help him and his family. I feel grateful that I am able to serve with the Native Americans. There is a ton of great people here. They have such great faith. The Book of Mormon is about a lot of their ancestors from way long ago. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I am learning a lot from it and a lot from just being out here doing this work. More than I could have ever imagined.
One thing I heard recently from a good friend has been on my mind. This is the Lords work. (I believe Elder Bednar said this.. but I am not quite sure) So get out of the way. Honestly sometimes I feel like my own stubberness and pride blocks the work that could be done here. Sometimes I think I have the "right" way or the answers when in all reality... He has all the answers. This is His work. He knows what to do. He knows what needs to be done. I believe this applies in all the callings that we have and even in our day to day lives. We need to "get out of the way." We need to be more like the Savior who said, "Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me, but nevertheless Not My Will But Thine Be Done." Heavenly Father and His Son will help us, but it takes the humility to allow them to help to start the change happening. I know that this is true. This is His work and He will help me to do it the way it should be done, the way He wants me to do it. I still have a lot to learn and a lot to overcome, but it all begins with obedience.
Love you family! I hope things are going well. Just remember that by "small and simple things are great things brought to pass," especially in this great work. Talk to you next week!!
Elder Krstyen

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jake?? 7/1/2013

Hey Family!
This week has been a pretty good week over in Page. One of the best ones so far here and definitely one of the hottest ones as well. Lots and lots of things have happened here.

Some amazing things have happened this week. There is one family we have been working with a lot and they are awesome!! They have a lot of younger kids which makes it harder for them to come to church but this past Sunday they came and it was awesome! We had asked them a couple weeks before to come but they weren't able too. This week we decided to reteach them the Restoration. I have a testimony that the Restoration is so powerful. As we taught to them we talked a lot about the Priesthood, and honestly we weren't planning on talking about the Priesthood so much but we were led to do so. As we did they opened up a lot and talked about how a lot of their questions and concerns had been answered which we didn't even know they had. You could feel the Spirit. The other Elders we live with were holding a baptismal service and so the night before that we decided to invite this family we were teaching and everyone else that we were teaching. The only ones who came was this family. The Spirit was so strong at the service. I felt it. I know they felt it. Then the next day they came to church and it was an amazing experience. They are amazing people so I know they will continue to grow and be happier because of this Gospel and most importantly that they will continue to come closer to Christ.
I really have a testimony that the Restoration is the foundation of everything that we teach, and it all starts with that first principle that God is our Loving Heavenly Father. God loves us so He gave us families to make us happy and so we can grow and learn and love others and I know that families can be together forever. He loves us so He has called Prophets who hold the Priesthood to guide us and lead the people here so we can make it back to Him someday and I testify that Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet in this day. He loves us so He sent His Son to Earth the literal Son of God to atone for our sins and to break the bonds of death so that if we follow Jesus Christ by exercising faith in Him, repenting, being baptized, recieving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end we will return back with our families for forever to Heavenly Father again some day. He loves us and wants us to listen. Many times people have rejected the Prophets and the teachings that bring true lasting eternal happiness, just like how people rejected Jesus Christ and His teachings and His apostles and they were killed. Those teachings were changed and that important Priesthood authority was lost. But Heavenly Father, because He loves us saw fit to call another Prophet, Joseph Smith, in these the Latter days to restore that important Priesthood and those important teachings so we can be happy and so that one day we can make it back to Him someday. He loves us so He brought forth the Book of Mormon, holy scripture of God. He loves us so He wants us to know all these things are true, and so if we read the Book of Mormon and ponder it and pray about it, He loves us so He will answer us. He will let us know that the Book of Mormon is true and also that these teachings are true through the Holy Ghost, which we will feel in our hearts and in our minds and we will know this answer is of God. (This is a quick and short and not very great haha example of how that first principle of lesson one applies to everything that we teach about.)
One thing a young man here in Page said has especially influenced my testimony. He said that if he could do his mission again he would "Bear His Testimony A Lot More." I have taken that to heart and it is true. When you bear your testimony that is when the Spirit has a great opportunity to testify of the truthfulness of this Gospel. Teach and testify, testify and teach. They should always go hand in hand. There is amazing power in a sincere testimony. A power that changes the person and the people around him. Its not fake, its not a lie, its not deception, its not just an act, but it is a witness from God through the Holy Ghost and it is true. I know that is true.
I know that this Church is Jesus Christ church again upon the Earth. Joseph Smith, as a young man, was called as a Prophet of God. The Book of Mormon is true. The people in that book truly lived and it is just another example of how much our Heavenly Father loves us just like the Bible is. I know Thomas S. Monson is the current Prophet of Jesus Christs church today. And I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, the literal Son of God.
Love you,
Elder Krstyen

Oh and I totally saw Jake and it was awesome. What a great man. Him and Ben Robbins taught me so much about missionary work, and I am so grateful to have such great people in my life. Love those guys. Well family love ya,best of luck with everything this week!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Over 70,000 missionaries?! 6/24/2013

Hey family!
Were you all able to see the missionary broadcast? It was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed the things that were said and how the work is hastening. It is amazing to hear that there are over 70,000 missionaries. That is a great blessing in this day.
So a little more info about Page for mom. We bike a lot haha and it is pretty tiring. I never imagined myself biking around in 100 degree weather in a suit (on sunday to church). We work a lot in a mobile home park and also in apartments by them. Lots of good people here. One of the lds churches we go to is on curve that I think might have 8-10 churches on it all in a row haha. You could probably look it up on google maps or something, but we always refer to that road when we talk about the Great apostasy and why there are so many different churches. There are five wards here. Sisters cover two wards, we cover two, and two other elders cover the last one. 
This week has been pretty exciting. We had some awesome speakers in our wards yesterday. In one ward a return missionary shared his testimony on fasting and priesthood keys. It was awesome. He talked about the power of fasting and how when we fast we are able to put of the natural man, not giving him anything he wants, food or drink. The best way I can describe this is as self-control. When we exercise self-control in any way, we show our Heavenly Father that we are trying to be spiritually minded and see the whole picture instead of the short term carnal mind. What a blessing it is that we have a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. That we know why we are here and where we are going and where we came from (our divine heritage), so that we can always have that eternal perspective instead of the limited perspective that we often have. I know that fasting is important. Also he talked about how important Priesthood Keys are. I want to add my testimony as well. My mission president it awesome!! I know he has been called of God to this work and to lead this mission. I know he receives revelation about what this mission needs.
There is definitely a lot of work to be done here in Page Arizona. I just need to put my hand to the plow and keep on keeping on. After all is said and done, it is most important to preach the Gospel.
Have a great week! Enjoy the family and keep on reading and praying! Talk to ya next week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 6/17/2013

Happy Fathers Day!!!! 
I hope all of you had a great Fathers Day, especially Dad and  Mark. This week went pretty well! I don't have a lot of time to email because we have to drive down to Tuba City today for a zone meeting. Things have been going pretty great in Page.
I just love it here. There are a lot of great people here and I am thankful to be here. As always I am learning a ton being here. I am learning a lot about myself and others. Thanks for the emails and letters of encouragement. They mean so much to me. I wish I could have heard both Hunters and Winnies farewell! That would have been awesome. I wish all my buddies were coming to this mission so we could be companions and share the Gospel of hope and love with others.
Well I love you all family and I hope things are going well for you. Keep on keeping on.
Elder Scott Krstyen

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bikes?? 6/10/2013

Hey family!
This has been a pretty good week over in Page. I hope things are going well for all of you as well. So I am currently serving with Elder Griener in Page 1st and 5th ward. It is pretty awesome here! I am really liking it. It has been getting up in the hundreds here so it's definitely been pretty hot, and yes we are on bikes now. Haha I actually am really enjoying it besides the fact that it is super hot outside. It is beautiful here. Yes, I am drinking enough water. We live up on a mesa type hill thing... So whenever we go down the hill to see people it is a ton of fun, but biking back up is quite a challenge.
My new comp is Elder Griener. He is a great missionary. He is pretty funny too. He has been out one transfer shorter than me so we have two pretty young missionaries in this area, but hopefully good things will happen here. He is from Alaska, so pretty far away, and me and him get along really well.
We teach a lot of Navajo families which is pretty awesome. They are awesome. Lots of sincere investigators here who are actually looking for the truth.
As we left out the door to go to church we both grabbed our bikes and realized they both had flats! Haha so we ended walking some of the way. I never thought I would be riding on a bike in 100 degree weather in a shirt and tie. It's quite the experience.
We were asked to speak in 1st ward yesterday and I decided to speak on prayer. I talked about why prayer is so important and how we can make our prayers more meaningful and how we can pray with a sincere heart, having faith in Christ and real intent. I went through all the events of the Restoration and how prayer played a key part throughout all the events of the Restoration. Joseph Smith prayed and saw God the Eternal Father and Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith prayed and an angel appeared to him and told him about the gold plates. Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery prayed about the priesthood and then angelic messengers were able to appear and bring that Priesthood power back to the Earth. Prayer played such a key role in the Restoration of the Gospel. And prayer plays such a key role in our lives today. I am pretty sure that whole talk I gave helped me out more than others. I definitely need to work on my prayers. I know that with prayer we can accomplish what God wants us to accomplish and to become what God wants us to become.
More than anything else, right now I would say that I have gained a testimony that Heavenly Father loves His children. I have seen that in the lives of others and I have definitely seen that in my own life.
Love you guys a lot. Talk to you next week!
Elder Krstyen

Monday, June 3, 2013

Transfers!!! 6/3/2013

Hey Family!
So there is some big news.... I got called and I am going to be staying with Elder Blakely for six more weeks!!! I am stoked! It should be good. This past week was pretty crazy. And I have no idea what is happening to Elder Soper so I guess I'll find out soon.
Alright so maybe the first paragraph was a joke.. haha alright so Elder Blakely is staying in Pagosa and training next transfer. I am headed out to Page Arizona! 4th and 5th ward I think. Basically all I know is that it is south of Lake Powell (First I was in Pagosa by the hot springs I couldn't go in, and now I am in Page by Lake Powell which I can't go in haha) and that it gets super hot there. Like really hot haha. As I told the peoples in Pagosa that I was leaving to Page they basically all said, "It's hot there!" Hmmm I may or may not be in a biking area and it may or may not be half rez. I really don't know anything yet. And as for my companion I am pretty sure his name is Elder Griener or something like that. And no one knows who he is as far as I know. There is a possibility he came out one transfer after me but I don't know.
So I have a pretty fun two days planned ahead of me. Tomorrow I'll hop on the transfer van in the morning and go down to Gallup and then to Holbrook and then I will get picked up from there and make my way up to Page. It should be a ton of fun!
Leaving Pagosa is definitely a bittersweet thing! I am gonna miss a lot of the people here for sure. Some of Saturday and most of yesterday was spent saying bye to everyone and getting pictures with them! But at the same time I am excited to go over to Page! It'll be a whole new experience and I am excited for that.
We were super low on miles this past week so we did a lot of work downtown. We tracted a lot and walked a lot. We were able to find some new people and also find some new potential investigators. Haha a lot of people saw us and either waved or ... gave us the bird. But more or less it was a pretty good week. There was a less active family I have been working with since I got here and they finally came to church! It was so great to see them there.
Well fam I love you guys. I hope things are going well. I'll share one little spiritual thought with you guys. Alma 26:19 I love this scripture. Right about now you might be thinking that's a weird scripture to love, but it has so much depth and meaning. We all know this story. Alma and the sons of Mosiah went about trying to destroy the church of God and lead the people away. They were more or less wicked. So why didn't God give up on them? They had definitely done some bad stuff. They didn't want Him in their life, so why didn't He just leave them alone and forget about them? Because God doesn't forget about anyone. He loves everyone. He cares and is aware of everyone. The Good Shepard is always calling the lost sheep back into His fold no matter where they have been or what they have done. I have met so many people that feel as if God doesn't care. He does care. He cared about the sons of Mosiah. And when they decided to act and change and follow Jesus Christ they went from being in a sinful polluted state to eventually being some of the greatest missionaries the Americas have ever seen. So that's the little truth I wanted to share with all of you. God does care.
Love you family. I hope you all are blessed with many blessing this next week! Keep on keepin on amigos. Talk to you next week.